Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum have signed on to co-star in what sounds like the barfiest barf barf movie ever made. And speaking of barf movies, Martin Lawrence’s and Jamie Foxx’s waking nightmare, Skank Robbers, has an actual release date now. I think we can agree that this movie news is all terrible! And all rounded-up!

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  1. Speaking of which, I would love it if the THFTWMOAT blog post series would resume at some point. If we pass the hat around and collect some funds maybe we could pay to have this series re-instated. Just throwing that out there as a possibility. Maybe a premium fee for movies we want to see WMOATed like The Quiet or Amelia?

  2. Gabe how did you miss the new horror movie Wake? Miley Cyrus will star as a young woman who is pulled into other people’s dreams against her will.

    Now that is a real horror movie (for the people dreaming)

  3. Critic at NY Post already has his review ready: Stank Robbers.

  4. But that news post also contains the least barfiest movie news possible! Terrance Malick is shooting another film! Already! Dude’s upping to his version of Tyler’s Perry’s pace.

  5. How about I just shoot my money in the face, then burn it, then desecrate the ashes? That sounds like a less painful option.

  6. Hasn’t this movie been done like EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND times in every sitcom/other movies? I think the Simpson’s have done it twice already.

  7. This shit is most definitely not rounded up. This is very much rounded DOWN.

  8. Looks like The Notebook: 2 Forgetful 2 Furious to me.

  9. News like this doesn’t help my unhealthy belief that War Pigs is actually a real movie…

  10. My work computer will not let me click on the Skank Robbers link. My coworker and I have decided it’s about a group who controls all of the Skanks in the world and a group of rag tag mercenaries who must rob them of their skanks to give to the general public. So kinda like Dune, but with Skanks. “Skank Robbers: The Skanks Must Flow” No one correct me.

  11. I read today that Battleship: the movie will star both TIM RIGGINS and VAMPIRE ERIC. So there’s that insanity to consider. Also, Channing Tatum’s giant neck and pointy chin are really unpleasant to look at. It’s the visual equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.

  12. I’m going to get down voted, but I’ve got to say it: People, I think I might want to see the Wanda and Shenene movie…

  13. Was I the only person who clicked on the link and was surprised to see that Channing Tatum is a guy?

    No? Just checking.

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