I suppose wishing that this was a real show mostly just means that I wish The Wire was still on the air. Because it turns out that, like many 56-year-olds, I don’t care about Toy Story. That being said, it is high time the children of America learned about the gray-area vagaries and heartbreaking social complexities of the modern day drug trade and the political and legislative efforts being used to combat it in a format that is both relatable and appealing to them. Also, the show would be called Hamsterdam and feature animated hamsters. Obviously. (Via Kottke. Thanks for the tip, @billykeenly.)

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  1. Mr. Potato Head as Bunk = inspired.

  2. Where’s Hamster Wallace, Silly String? Huh? WHERE’S HAMSTER WALLACE??

  3. Sid is Canard and i still want to beat the shit out of him

  4. Does this mean that Monsters Inc. is Treme?

  5. Andy is definitely Johnny Weeks

  6. Would Randy Newman sing “Way Down in the Hole”?

  7. I miss Clay Davis :(

    • I am a confused person. Is sheeeiit all this guy says? Cause every time I saw it referenced it was in relation to nothing in particular, or to the Wire, but I’ve never seen the Wire, but I know this guy saying sheeeit in an awesome manner from having seen and loved 25th Hour. I finally did some research (read, bored at work and google/youtube) and found a ton of clips of him saying this.

      I imagine he is hard to communicate with in real life.

      • This might answer your question:

        (You guys really need to click on this. Huge addition to your LOL(k).)

        • I came across that in my research. I suspect it is doctored footage however, as other parts of my research revealed that he has many, many different ways of saying sheeiit, whereas in this video it is the same inflection over and over.

          Overall, my research has lead me to believe that he speaks an inflected, private language (Wittgenstein would shit his pants in denial of this possibility) which you can, after years of close work, understand fluently, thought it appears only he can speak it (he is a like a Wookie in this respect).

  8. This was a bad mash up.

    Now THIS is a great mash up.

  9. All the jokes I wanted to make were made, especially “where’s Wallace?” Bummer… But good job everyone else!

  10. Speaking of Toy Story! That Pogo remix guy made a Toy Story one! Catchy!

  11. God, I miss the Wire

  12. “I don’t care about Toy Story.” Seriously, Gabe? The ‘Toy Story’ films are 2 of the most critically acclaimed & popularly adored films of the last 15 years, if not all time. At the least, ‘Toy Story’ is notable for being the first full-length computer animated feature. However, unlike other technological landmarks (‘Tron’ and ‘Avatar’ quickly come to mind), ‘Toy Story’ & its sequel featured complex characters & a cleverly-written, original, & emotionally mature storyline — in regards to the latter, I mean the films challenge both children & adults alike to consider their own dealings with pride, self-worth, aging, & friendship, couched in a compelling storyline peppered with well-executed humor. As you undoubtedly know more about film than I do, I implore you to please reconsider the ‘Toy Story’ films & not gloss over them as standard children’s fare.

    …In short, can ‘Toy Story 3′ be this weekend’s Videogum Movie Club entry? Please, anything but ‘Jonah Hex.’

    • Not to mention that Toy Story 3 is currently at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with over 100 reviews in. But fuck that! Gabe’s a grown up and doesn’t fuck with little kids’ shit! He loves The Wire and other “real” things!!

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