Our country’s two newest sex symbols (I just made that up), creepy sex addict VMA host Russell Brand and Mad Men‘s blowsy Joan, Christina Hendricks, both appeared on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hendricks showed off her alabaster cleavage and tried to play down her sex kitten image with tales of small town plays and knitting circles. But Russell, always on-Brand (haha, get it?), after five minutes of drooling over Hendricks like she was a fully-loaded heroin needle in 2004, finally had to jump in and suggest some gross stuff he wanted to do to her. With only the subject of knitting as his conversational in, the ever-resourceful pervert suggested he and Jimmy re-enact the spaghetti scene from The Lady And The Tramp, but with two ends of a knitted bikini worn by Hendricks:

It seems like someday we’ll think of Russell Brand’s leather perma-pants the way we think of the smallpox blankets brought over by the conquistadors. After the VMAs, can we send that guy back? (Here’s his interview on Kimmel, by the way.)

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  1. i’m a secret lesbian for christina hendricks.. in a major way.

  2. Um, I’m sorry Videogum, but can we never give Russel Brand back? Can he just stay here forever? Seriously, I love him. His stand-up is great and worth checking out. I would also suggest you watch Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 and/or 2007 (both are on YouTube) because he and Noel Fielding (who I also love) are so hilarious in it, but they’re both like 2 hours long and if you already don’t like him it’s unlikely you will. I’m just saying, I do have some evidence that he’s actually hilarious.

  3. kushiro  |   Posted on Sep 4th, 2008 +2

    I am also a secret lesbian for Christina Hendricks. And I’m a guy.

  4. I am an out-and-out lesbian for her and only her. I can’t even blame Russell Brand for being Russell Brand because I would’ve done/said all the same things.

  5. … It was just a joke.

  6. bd  |   Posted on Sep 5th, 2008 -2

    that guy is nauseating regardless.

    it’s depressing to watch young women go on late-night talk shows and act like total bimbos (whether it’s a put-on or not) and put up with the leering and mild sexual harassment from the hosts and the other guests. i’m no feminist by any stretch of the imagination, but nowhere is the expectation for women to be ignorant sex objects more pronounced than on these shows.

  7. Michele  |   Posted on Sep 5th, 2008 -1

    I can’t believe nobody’s done some sort of Jesse Camp (I think that was his name?) v. Russell Brand scenario.

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