In this feature, we will periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.

You guys, I have some exciting news, possibly. I’m not sure, actually. The thing about blogs is that it’s really easy to lose track of what is and is not exciting. In fact, now that I am talking about it, I’m realizing that it might not be exciting at all. It might even be THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF EXCITING. In any case, you guys, I have some news based in fact, regardless of anyone’s emotional reaction to said news! Videogum has been confirmed for press credentials for ComiCon 2010 in San Diego. Press Credentials! Well well well, look at Mr. Cool Adult! Anyway, my friend Max Silvestri and I will be heading out to California in late July for a weekend of standing in line for hours to see the first five minutes of Transformers 3, or whatever. Neat! I’m telling you now with the idea being that perhaps the more time we have to prepare, the more fun stuff we can do. Maybe we should have a ComiCon Monster Meet-Up? Lord knows, that place is a NERD HIVE. Also, if you are in anyway affiliated with Official ComiCon Events (I am now addressing you directly, JJ Abrams. Or Brett Ratner. Or somebody) please feel free to contact me. We can have brunch! Anyway, if anyone has any ideas of how to make a crowded industry convention in San Diego fun, please share them.

Topher Grace is also involved in the movie industry and one time dressed up as a comic book character. What is up with him?

Each passing week only brings us one week closer to the release of Predators on July 9th, and this week is no exception. Insofar as this week is a week closer than last week. To the week where that movie comes out. Speaking of this calendar week and its relationship to the movie Predators, we have two new bits of Predators information! First of all, the action-adventure movie finally has a TV spot. You can watch it right here:

As you may have noticed, Topher Grace is nowhere to be seen in this advertisement, but I can assure you that he IS in the movie. I’m not sure why they edited him out of the commercial. I’m sure that like everything else in Hollywood, the editing of television commercials for upcoming movies is rife with politics and maybe even back-stabbing. “Backstabbing, in a movie trailer on TV?” Probably! Hollywood is full of that kind of stuff. I think. It’s probably described in detail in a magazine profile of George Clooney.

The second piece of Predators news features working actor Topher Grace more directly. It is an on-set visit by the website Bloody Disgusting who sat with T-Gbone between takes and got some insight into his character:

With the filming of another take back underway (and with Rodriguez himself creeping around the sidelines), we were hurried along for a little one-on-one time with Topher Grace, who plays the character of Edwin. He himself admitted he felt like the odd man out amongst all the other “action-hero” types in the film, particularly considering the group he’s a part of is supposed to be made up of elite warriors.

“I’ve been singing this song from Schoolhouse Rock, ‘one of these things is not like the other…’”, Grace joked. I then noted that his character sounded similar to Paul Reiser’s in Aliens. “I had just seen the longer version – which is like an hour longer – of Aliens coincidentally when I read this script”, he answered. “I was dubious because I really liked the first Predator, but all the sequels haven’t been as good. Then when I read this, I thought, ‘What Aliens was to Alien, this is to Predator’. Because Predator never really got its due; it never really got that sequel. Nimrod’s such a huge fan of the original. It reminds me of James Cameron. He had everything that was in the original, but he wanted to go in a slightly different direction and create all this new stuff. And this is the same thing.”

So about the Paul Reiser thing…? “Edwin is very different than everyone else in it”, Grace told us. “You’re supposed to wonder why he was chosen when all these other similar types were selected. And there’s a twist. Of course. Actors live to play twists.”

“Actors live to play twists” will probably be on Topher Grace’s tombstone. Not for a long time. But eventually, when he dies, despite the best efforts of the most advanced medicine that money can buy, when he finally succumbs to the inevitable, as we all must, then that quote will be on his tombstone. “ACTORS LIVE TO PLAY TWISTS.” Topher Grace. 1970s-2012.

For those of you who are new to the column and might still need some boning up on your FAQATF (Frequently Asked Questions About Topher Facts), an informative website called celebheightsite (informative as long as you are trying to find out how tall a celeb is) offers up this profile of Topher Grace for all your Topher Grace Height-Based Information Needs:

Topher Grace is 5’11″. I have to say, I am not sure I appreciate the editorializing on’s profile pages. Whether or not Topher Grace is a “wonderful actor” is not the purpose of your service. Please stick to the heights. That is what you are for. I would just hate to go looking for the height of another actor only to find that thought they were “overrated” or “emotionally limited.”

And for the shopaholics out there, or really just anyone with a love of photography, there is an exciting auction going on over at

KABLOOM! That was the sound of the eBay’s servers collapsing as everyone rushed to bid at once. KABANG. That was the sound of a custom framing shop’s door falling off its hinges. “ONE BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM FRAME FOR MY HOME, PLEASE!”

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication. Speaking of which, has an extensive collection of clips available for viewing on-line at your convenience. No more waiting until 5:30 before the news, or whatever!

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to See you next time!

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  1. I’ve never forgiven Topher Grace for introducing the US Drug Czar’s daughter to freebase. We were THIS CLOSE to winning the drug war!!!

    • I hated that movie. Traffic. Zero stars and two thumbs down from me. Or as Kristin Wig would say, “I give this movie a WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!?????????” I love that lady.

      • Topher Grace was the best part of that movie. As per this quote (thx, imdb):

        Robert Wakefield: I can’t believe you brought my daughter to this place.
        Seth Abrahams: Woah. Why don’t you just back the fuck up, man. “To this place”? What is that shit? Ok, right now, all over this great nation of ours, ‘hundred thousand white people from the suburbs are cruisin’ around downtown asking every black person they see “You got any drugs? You know where I can score some drugs?” *Think* about the effect that that has on the psyche of a black person, on their possibilities. I… God I guarantee you bring a hundred thousand black people into your neighborhood, into fuckin’ Indian Hills, and they’re asking every white person they see “You got any drugs? You know where I can score some drugs?”, within a *day* everyone would be selling. Your friends. Their kids. Here’s why: it’s an unbeatable market force man. It’s a three-hundred percent markup value. You can go out on the street and make five-hundred dollars in two hours, come back and do whatever you want to do with the rest of your day and, I’m sorry, you’re telling me that… you’re telling me that white people would still be going to law school?

        • That’s terrible. My point is validated.

        • It’s actually “fuckin Indian Hill”, without the s. Not tryin to be a turd just grew up there…And that movie is pretty dead on as far as its depiction of Cincy. I give it two and a half Winwood’s cause Catherine Zeta-Jones is pretty.

          • I would like to put in a request for news from the Chuck panel, if you have the time. It’s the only current show I watch that Videogum doesn’t cover (until next week when FUTURAMA COMES BACK!), but maybe that could change? If enough monsters are interested?

          • That was not supposed to be a reply to the “Traffic” comment, but as long as I’m up here I might as well say that as a Cincinnatian, my favorite Cincy movie is Airborne.

          • Yeah, Airborne has to be the best Cincy movie, with Rainman coming in a close third behind Milk Money (WOOOOOF)

          • airborne is definitely the best movie i’ve seen about ohio. especially the part where we all suddenly love hockey for some reason?

          • The hockey obsession is hilarious – but you know, with the Cyclones winning their second Kelly Cup in three years, maybe we will all become big hockey freaks soon! It would be like when Demolition Man talked about Arnold Schwarzenegger being President and then he was governor and we were all, “Nailed it, Demolition Man!”

    • No I’m sorry, B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d wasn’t filmed in Cincinnati. St. Louis maybe?

    • Wait, your boyfriend is interracial?

  2. This is like the counter-weight to a comedy roast. Instead of untalented douchebags making repetitive insulting “jokes”, we have a weekly Topher Grace Comedy Love-In. Equal and opposite force. Equilibrium maintained. Man, I love the Internet

  3. Begging your pardon, Mr. Grace, but “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other” was from Sesame Street, not Schoolhouse Rock. But we still love ya.

  4. Ugh, not this guy again. Why can’t we have a “Hey, What’s Up with Jessica Alba” blog series or someone as pretty or even prettier*?

    (*not possible, obvs.)

  5. Hey Topheristas! I had a shirt I had designed for the Chicago Videogum meet-up that featured Topher Grace! And some peoples asked how maybe they could get such a shirt? The info is here:

    The T-shirt looks like so:

  6. There’s a confirmed Family Guy Panel at Comic-con this year. Gabe, you have to live blog it for us!

    Unfortunately Jeff Dunham hasn’t confirmed a panel yet. I’m crossing my fingers though.

    Also the Glee and True Blood panels need to be covered.

  7. Topher Grace went to Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, NH. I was in Wolfeboro this past weekend and it also happened to be Brewster’s Alumni weekend. I did not see any Topher Grace. I did see a family friend that taught Topher Grace, though, and he’s the Alumni relations director. I bet he knows where Topher lives, or at least where he gets his mail delivered, I can sell this information to the highest bidder.

  8. As I was flipping through the channels yesterday, I saw Win A Date With Tad Hamilton was on. So I decided to watch it in honor of Videogum’s dedication to T-Gbone. WHAT A TERRIBLE MOVIE (except for Topher duh). Let’s hope the success of Predator makes it so that Mr. Grace NEVER has to settle for a movie like Win A Date With Tad Hamilton ever again. He is a wonderful American actor, after all.

    Also any news on that Clark Gable biopic that one website wanted him to star in? Hollywood? Are you there?

    • Agreed, terrible film. All I have to say about it is: I grew up in West Virginia and THERE ARE NO PIGGLY WIGGLY’S! Not one. In the entire state. I don’t think there are even any in any one of the five states that border it. So FYI, Hollywood, if you want a state to represent a generic Southern setting please stick with places that are ACTUALLY IN THE SOUTH. Thanks.

    • I caught this on TV once and watched it for the same reason (though the BIGGER reason was that I was waiting for my sister to arrive, so I could turn to her and shout “HEY, WHAT’S UP WITH TOPHER GRACE?”, then point at the tv. My sister did not get home till hours after the movie was over). It’s WMOAT material for sure.

  9. The photo accompanying his height information is care of

  10. In addition to finding out what is going on with Topher Grace, maybe we should also ask him HOW THE WEATHER IS UP THERE HA HA HA (I’m short).

  11. So I assume that henceforth, the unit of measure spanning 5 feet, 11 inches shall be referred to as a ‘Topher’.

    ie, The Empire State Building is 245.8 Tophers tall.

  12. Gabe, here is a handy reference guide for your precious san diego comicbook convention that you claim you are going to

  13. The first time I laid eyes on T-Graze was at the Comic-Con panel for Spiderman 3, a day I’ll never forget.

  14. i love photography, so i’m thinking of buying ALL 5 of the 8×10′s.
    money well spent, right?

  15. Do you know that if you googleimage Toph to find a quirky, funny gif representing your love for ToGra you find a lot of NON TOPHER RELATED IMAGES AND GIFS that link right back here?

    Someone, somewhere will google this and find this comment and the internet will explode

  16. I want to go to Comic Con sooooo bad. Next year needs to be the year.

  17. I’m a little (a lot) shocked Gabe doesn’t know Topher’s year of birth. But don’t worry Monsters, I looked it up: 1978.

    • Right? Even if you don’t know it, this information is readily available at

    • oh holy crap. My bf is one Topher tall and born in the same year. Forget him being a boring ol’ substitute Eric Forman (he’s from WI, too), looks like I nabbed myself a pseudo-Topher!

  18. Gabe and Max are coming to San Diego?! YESSSSS. That is the coolest thing to happen to San Diego since Comic-Con. Seriously, though, West Coast pizza party? FOR ONCE?

  19. Gabe, you and Max should know that press credentials should be taken VERY seriously. ESPECIALLY at Comic-Con (lots of spoilers!), so let’s not make light of this!

  20. so both topher and i think aliens is one of the greatest movies of all time? sigh!

  21. The autograph area at Comic Con, up in Sail Pavillion, is a good place to go. First off, there’s a breeze, secondly, that’s where they hide the celebrities, semi-celebrities & former celebrities. Last year, through no fault of my own, I saw the bare ass of Oderus Urungus, from GWAR, as I was leaving the autograph area.

    Oh, and I’m definitely in for a pizza party.

  22. Ian/Zoidberg, I think you should read the following quote: “Well well well, look at Mr. Cool Adult! “

  23. Aw, prepare your stormtrooper costumes, guys! You’re gonna have a great time battling Twilight fans for a front row seat at the Twilight panel! There’s going to be a Twilight panel, right?

    And I don’t think anyone needs to remind you two to drop by the FRINGE panel, right? There’s going to be a Fringe panel, right?

    And don’t forget to taste some Tru Blood. They’re gonna have a True Blood panel, right?

  24. Eight years older! LOL!
    I’m gonna tell my friends!

  25. I don’t think I can go to Comic-Cons anymore, because I am somehow nerdier than all the other nerds there. While the lines to see Data from Star Trek, or to catch a glimpse of Joss Whedon through a slowly closing door, were long and intense, I got the autographs of the current Archie illustrators without waiting in line at all! In fact, I was the only one remotely interested in them. And they were surprised that I wanted an autograph. And then I had a panic attack from the crowds and from seeing too many ill-fitting costumes on people very prepared to let it all hang out (good for them).

    But I did learn that Joss Whedon could probably be a dictator in a South American country, such is the power he holds over certain people.

    • That’s actually pretty cool. My dad owned a comic book store when I was a kid and Archie comics were the first nerdy thing I really got into. After that, I got even nerdier (hello, I’m writing this on a blog).

      My dad’s pretty awesome. I feel the need to share that just before Father’s Day. In addition to owning a comic book store, he once pulled me out of school just so we could watch “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and eat junk food.

  26. Topher “graces” the back page of the newest Maxim, explaining (in comedic, likely ghost-written fashion) how he’d spend his last day on earth. I have two copies. They will go to the highest bidder.

  27. For what it’s worth, my cat is named Topher. There is no connection because until i “stumbled” on this web site i had never heard of this guy. I guess i’m out of touch cause i’m in my 60s. Once in a blue moon i venture a look at modern tv and venture out as quickly as possible.. How could i have missed something called “the 70s show” did it last long??

  28. Maybe I started yesterday with reading the most current entry and reading each previous entry on Videogum because I was bored and was at work and what the hell else was I supposed to do?

    Anyway. I’m compelled, now, to share my secret. I worked at King’s Island in my youth (an amusement park in Ohio) and Topher Grace played my game. My plate breaking booth at King’s Island. He threw one of his balls and it bounced out and I let him play it again because he was famous. We were NOT supposed to do that. Because of it, he won a larger prize.

    It felt good getting that out.

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