I could tell you what this was supposedly taken from, but would it really change anything? Knowing isn’t going to put your eyes back in their sockets or sew your head back onto its neck. (Thanks for the tip, Tim.)

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  1. The Devolution of Dance.

  2. this should be called Louie Anderson Is Still Alive?: “Welcome to Discovery Town”

  3. How did he and Howie Mandell never hook up for some sort of syndicated duet/duel?

  4. Woah – iIs that Louie Anderson or Usher?!

    (It is Louie Anderson.)

  5. The Louie Anderson Exercise Dance for People Too Lazy To Actually Exercise

  6. God, Gabe, that is just how Minnesotans dance.

  7. Young Louie approves of his older self.

  8. Louie Anderson eats da poo poo. I remember a long time ago in the news there was some sexual harassment stuff going on with him and it involved another man.

  9. Pop Quiz: What’s the difference between Louie Anderson and Louie CK?

  10. I think Final Placement did the music for this, on account of how awesome it is.

  11. I could watch 0:06-0:08 all day.

  12. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  13. Dance Dance Eyeball Explosion.

  14. She’s really let herself go since she married Lou Reed.

  15. That is me, excpet LOL’s are coming out of my mouth.

  16. Stop it dad you’re embarrassing me

  17. Louie Anderson is the Louie Anderson of this Louie Anderson shit.

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