The mystery of Alvin Green’s primary win in South Carolina continues to baffle and astound! Here is an interview with a woman who voted for him because his name reminded her of Al Green. Al Green, of course, lives in Tennessee. And has a different name. And there is no law that says if you have no idea what you are talking about you still have to vote. But. You know. DEMOCRACY IN ACTION!

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  1. Is the woman who voted for him named Godsauce? PSYCHE! Just kiddin’!

  2. Maybe if I change my name to Ivan Hay I can become a senator too

  3. Does this mean that politicians are going to begin changing their names ( just like the stars!) to be more appealing to voters? Probably….and I would assume first up is Anthony Weiner of New York.

  4. I voted for Alvin Greene because I wanted to show my support for the environment.

  5. That’s your next president: Ronald McDonald.

  6. Mike Jackson, Communist candidate from California’s 43 Congressional district will be pleased to hear about this.

  7. Doesn’t everywhere have nice bloggers who write voting guides that prove helpful to citizens of all political stripes? It’s not that hard to pay a little attention, dummies.

  8. We all battle our hidden motives at the ballot box. I voted for Dennis Kucinich because when I scratched and sniffed the screen, his name smelled like butterscotch.

  9. I voted for Alvin Greene because I liked The Squeakal so much.

  10. Maybe people just appreciate a soul legend. Personally, I think “Let’s Stay Together” is a classic of the genre

  11. Pshh, That’s Nothing, I once voted for George W. Bush because Drugs. *

    *I did not actually do this

  12. I get an alarming amount of my real-world news from Videogum now.

    Does this make me an uninformed voter?

  13. I still think this story tells you more about the state of South Carolina than any history class could.

  14. It’s funny that she’s ashamed because she contributed to South Carolina being the butt of another joke, not because she voted for A COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED UNEMPLOYED ILLITERATE FELON.

  15. How did he scrape up the $10,000 to get on the ballot?

  16. This woman should have voted on a different outfit.

  17. It’s a real shame that Sean Combs intimidates people like this into voting with death threats.

  18. That is the most convenient explanation since Tom Cruise novelty-danced his way to a “spontaneous” movie deal.

  19. That’s hilarious because that’s what i suggested in the last article about this!

    “Is it possible that the people of South Carolina thought they were voting for Al Green, legendary soul singer? ‘I’m so tired of bein’ alone…’ “

    • You said “hilarious” but I think the word you are actually looking for is “depressing”. Very very depressing.

      Full disclosure: I spent 14years of my life in South Carolina and nothing about this story surprises me.

  20. The Alvin Greene School of Campaign Slogans!!!!

    Lets Stay Together South Carolina

    Here I Am (Come and Take Me)…and by Take, I mean VOTE (For)

    All I Want To Do, South Carolina, is Put A Little Love In Your Heart (with Annie Lennox)

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