Breaking Bad is at the very top of my list of TV shows that I know I need to watch but have not watched yet. (You cannot fire a man who has already quit.) So, please feel free to discuss last night’s finale in this open thread, but also please confine all your comments about last night’s finale to this open thread. NO SPOILERS in other threads, guys, or I will be Breaking SAD!

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  1. I couldn’t find a gif yet of last nights season finale so here’s this:

  2. SPOILER ALERT: Bryan Cranston and Jesse meet Omar and Marlow in heaven.

  3. My bad, Gabe.
    Is anyone else foaming at the mouth at the implications of Walt being caught in an all-out war between the cartel and Gus’ operation next season? I predict a supremely depressed Jesse and lots and lots of bullets.

  4. Did anyone catch the finale of Baking Bad on GOOP?

  5. All I could think after the finale was how many awful teenagers are probably out there right now shopping for Mylar balloons to unleash beneath power lines.

  6. I was slightly disappointed that the end didn’t blow my mind as much as the AMC announcer told me it would, but I was also really glad for it. I was really worried that they might do something stupid like kill Walt Jr.

    • Hahahaha. AMC announcer = such a liar! Don’t worry, you dingus, next season is going to rock your world.

      • Oh it still was great. My bar for potential mind-blowage has just been set to a new height ever since a certain pay cable season finale in the last year. (Spartacus B&S!! jk)

  7. Separately, I loved this season and the writers’ confidence in adding and dropping fan-favorite characters at will. They’re not resting on their laurels. You want more Hank? Too bad! I just pray they don’t kill Saul.

  8. Thank you for appeasing me, Mr. Delahaye! (Am I using that term right? Sure.)

    So many important questions remain unanswered, like how did Walt Jr. do on his road test? What kinds of prizes will Walt’s Laser Tag business be giving away in exchange for arcade tickets? Did Marie give Hank full release? Etc. Etc.

  9. I am so sad that Gail (aka Doug) is dead. Because he is, right?

  10. Saul was edging on Sawyer territory with his sarcastic nicknaming. “That goes double for you, hip-hop!”

  11. Hey did anyone watch Rubicon last night? Looks pretty cool so far. Could either be an awesome smart show or Fringe for boring people.

  12. Okay so random thoughts:
    Poor Jesse, he was trying to be the voice of reason, but he got draw into doing something horrible. Gale is largely innocent (though still in the drug business), so it’s amazing to see how cold and calculated Walt has become. This season has been great on making Pinkman a much more complex character.
    It was great to see the symbolic return of Heisenberg after being neutered all season after becoming someone’s employee and being cuckolded. Mike the cleaner was scry and awesome, but not as much as Walt in the end. Props to Bryan Cranston because I really thought he was going to sell Jesse out, but no, he was being a badass and showing Gus and Mike he is not one to be toyed with… though where he find himself next season will be interesting, to say the least. I think we’e definitely seeing Vince Giligan’s description of “Mr. Chips becomes Scarface” transformation taking place.

    Great episode of a great season of what is probably my favorite show on TV at the moment.

  13. This show is basically the best. That fly episode 4 or so back was one of the most thrilling hours of television I’ve ever watched. And it was about killing a fly.

    Can’t wait to see where they go from here. No guesses as to what will happen, but I bet it involves drugs and violence and Saul making sexist remarks to Skyler.

  14. Mel’s going to be heartbroken.

  15. I like how they compressed at least 3 episodes of Gale characterization into amazing set design. It seems like Gale was conceived when “Stuff White People Like” was at the height of its relevancy.

  16. If this was a comedy show Walt and Jesse would have lured their assassins to the laser tag place and confused them by turning all the machines on at once, starting one of the funniest gun battles of all time, the shooters accidentally mistaking laser guns for real guns, accidentally getting high scores on things, etc.

    I would watch that show.

  17. My prediction for next season is that Mike the Cleaner teams up with Walt to get rid of Fring. I think Mike and Walt see the world in a similar way. Fring is a little TOO pragmatic. Business is business for only so long. In THIS business, things can get ugly and emotional. When Mike told Walt to go “full measure,” he was, of course, talking about offing Jesse. But what Walt actually did, after finding out that Fring’s guys were using kids to sell meth (and then killing the kid), was “full measure” in a way that Mike didn’t anticipate but, I’m guessing, ultimately respected. Walt is that perfect mix of pragmatist and realist, and clearly he has Fring very nervous (as evidenced by the inability to cover his Spanish accent when talking to Walt).

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