At first, it could be anyone’s coach, but at about the one minute mark it becomes very clear that this is your coach. (NSFW language, ladies.)

They can’t all be Coaches Taylor, shaping boys into MEN and taking life as it comes because they know there’s no other way to take it. Sometimes they are this guy, having an embarrassing baby-tantrum* that ends with a desperate, breathless request for fingernail clippers. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t stop laughing at this ridiculous clown. (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.)

*Does anyone else find it incredibly convenient that the coach is mic’ed and the camera focuses on him from the very beginning? It is almost as if this is staged, but that can’t possibly be the case, since no one ever fakes freak-outs for YouTube. They are all natural and real, for sure.
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  1. Nothing makes a situation go from bad to worse like these guys . . . Amirite coach?

  2. This is an outtake from a documentary show called “Playing for Peanuts.” Hence the microphone.

  3. I think I saw a movie about that umpire once.

  4. I saw that the screen cap was baseball and almost didn’t watch because I didn’t want to fall back asleep(in your face, baseball). But it was worth it if only to see Wally call the ump a pipsqueak.

  5. Wow. Ghost town in here when there’s a sports clip. Everybody all like, why are they outside? Is that grass? Is that what grass looks like? Wally Backman, you guys. 86 Mets. Out.

  6. Ah, yes. The great Wally Backman.

    From Sports Illustrated 4/11/05: “Oct. 7, 2001. On that night, according to the Prineville police incident report, Backman threatened to kill his wife, broke down the door to his house and then used a baseball bat to assault one of the other terrified women inside.”

    Clear eyes, 80′s moustache, can’t catch a f*cking break. F*cking pipsqueaks.

  7. I am somewhat of an aficionado of baseball coach meltdowns and this is a really good one. This guy gives Al Swearengen a run for his money.

    • I thought it was a little lazy. I mean, that was the most half-hearted dirt-covering of the plate that I’ve ever seen and the bat-tossing was most an afterthought. For being in the right (that first ejection was bull) he didn’t really go with it hard enough for my taste.

  8. I like that the team is just sitting there cool as a cucumber with their shades, that is how you react to a freakout everyone else on youtube

  9. Oh, Wally Backman. As a Mets fan, this makes me more embarrassed than even Mets fans usually get… dude is managing the Brooklyn Cyclones now? Geez.

  10. Though the absolute best baseball manager rant of all time is Lee Elia’s:

  11. Is Wally short of Walliam or Asshole?

  12. Sexman’s dad really had it coming though guys. We all know Aquaman would have never thrown those bats and balls on the field.

  13. I think Wally Backman played for the last good Pirates team in 1992. Since that time the Pirates have been unable to produce a winning season. Yes, the Pirates have a 17 year losing streak. Are you picking up what I am putting down? Pittsburgh needs to hire Wally Backman as manager of the team.

  14. Oh my god, at 3:50 when “Why Can’t We Be Friends” starts playing–ESTOY MUERTO.

  15. i’m just glad he was so courteous to that catcher. get out of the way catcher, i’m about to start throwing bats at you!

  16. Here’s the full webseries this is taken from. There’s a bunch more episodes about this specific incident, including alternate camera angles!

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