Jason Bateman and Will Arnett have started a new company, like a couple of Mr. Managers, called dumbdumb. It is sort of like FunnyOrDie, I guess, but all of the “viral videos” they make will have advertising built right into them. Clever girl. The first video to follow this model is after the jump. It features Jason and Will, as well as Aubrey Plaza and Rachel Harris, and it is basically a five minute long ad for chewing gum. But the thing is, it’s actually really funny? So basically they have started an entire company to make so many Zach Galifianakis Absolut ads. Fair enough. Zach Galifianakis Absolut ads are the best ads!

It’s kind of weird, right? But then again, everything is basically designed to sell you something, so it might as well just be honest about it. There is always money in trying to sell the banana stand. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. needs more segway.

  2. I don’t understand it, but… I think I like it. I laughed. I love Will Arnett.

    dumbdumb has my approval.

    • Me, too – the world needs more Will Arnett in it.

      And at a meta-level, how is this infomercial not a great thing? Ultimately, every actor is getting paid by advertisers in the end. Why not just make the arrangement up front, then wink and nod and get the required number of brand mentions out of the way? So long as it allows Will Arnett and Jason Bateman latitude to do whatever they like in making 3-minute videos, I think we all win.

  3. Wait, what? Are they hiring?

  4. I feel like this ad worked on me in an “I’d like some Orbit gum” kind of way, but I also failed to brush my teeth this morning, so…

  5. So if I chew Orbit gum can Rachael Harris be my mom, Jason Bateman be my dad, and Aubrey Plaza be my sister? If so I’m getting all the Orbit at Costco, though having a crush on my sister will be awkward

  6. Love everyone in this, but is the message that chewing Orbit makes you stop caring about seriously wrong stuff? Because oh, boy, is this is going to save me a bundle in wine money!!

  7. Hey this reminds me, has commentator Chareth Cutestory been around?
    Is he busy with his case against Captain Hook? Is he perhaps one of the maritime lawyers fighting against PB?


  8. What the french toast?

  9. Get people to chew Orbit and you can date high school chicks?

  10. So “Orbit” is what the kids are calling Valium now?

  11. I love everyone involved in this, but I just couldn’t get myself to laugh. This makes me sad, but I will keep watching.

  12. “I’ll allow it.”

    -Professor Comedy(that’s me!)

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  14. this is the best thread since its all ‘arrested development’ gifs

  15. So this is what these dudes are doing instead of the Arrested Development movie. I see how it is.

  16. People visiting VG for the first time right now are thinking that it has oddly specific niche content.

  17. The thing is, a lot of what makes this video funny and interesting is the novelty that this long viral video with high profile comedians in it is also an advertisement for something. They refer to the product with a wink and a nod that says “isn’t this unexpected,” a charm that will be effective exactly zero more times, especially once this becomes a regular thing. Not that the concept can’t work, but they’re going to have to come up with something legitimately engaging to keep the momentum.

  18. aww, give the spambot a break, at least this is semi-relevant

  19. Oh, it’s so good to laugh again!

  20. Taste the happy, Michael.

  21. This is great! I now exclusively chew Orbitz gum! Which I guess means I now chew gum! Exclamation points!!!

  22. Guys, I’m so happy right now but I also kind of taste the sad because of how AD is still cancelled.

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