On last night’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, John C. Reilly sang the Mr. Spriggs Barbecue theme song, with backing music by the Roots, between commercials. Between commercials! More entertainment when the cameras weren’t even rolling (you know what I mean) than in the history of Jay Leno’s television career!

At a certain point you would think that John C. Reilly would get tired of being THE BEST. (Original Mr. Spriggs BBQ video here.)

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  1. Does anyone else think that John C. Reilly sounds like a muppet?

    • He also looks like a muppet. If the clip hadn’t shown live tape of his feet, I might have been susceptible to other evidence that he is a muppet.

  2. “So, you’re wondering what to eat when you are hungry and need food. Go eat at Mr. Spriggs BQQ ya dingus!”

  3. Barbeque sauce is chocked full of nutrients… For your Health

  4. I can’t believe I just watched John C. Reily deliver cupcakes for an entire minute.

  5. Dr Mr. Reilly?

    What the Fuck? I thought we had something.

    Yours Truly,

    Shake n’ Bake

    • the question mark is an unfortunate typo that [allusion to another will farrell movie] would force Ron Burgundy to completely butcher the delivery. my only hope is that you do not make the same mistake.

  6. Well, now I am hungry for BBQ. Unfortunately, Virginia does not do it right. Can some one internet me some East Carolina Style, stat!

  7. John C. O RLY?

  8. I’m just happy Gabe finally posted something else so the first thing I see isn’t Jim Carrey having sex.

  9. He clearly had all of those cupcake recipients pre-picked #ConspiracyGum

  10. Man, John C. Reilly has addressed two things I love recently. First he talked about K-Rage (karaoke rage) on The Daily Show (I love K-Rage stories), and now the Mr. Spriggs Barbecue song. All he needs to do now is commit a McDonalds crime (one of my other favorite things).


  12. i hadn’t seen the original mr spriggs commercial so i went and looked it up – i was trying to figure out a way to send it to a friend and all i could think of was “GOD DAMMIT this is so FUCKING AWESOME”

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