At first this video is kind of gross, because why would you want to date someone who smelled like a child (regardless of what deodorant that child was wearing)? But then at a certain point you realize that you would be lucky to date someone who was like this kid, because this kid is awesome. OF course, it would probably be more interesting if the person you were dating was like this kid in the sense that he too was creative and sharp, and exhibited a precocious imagination that belied a sophisticated sense of humor. But if all you can get is a man who ALSO wears Old Spice, the way that this child wears Old Spice, just check the “It’s Complicated” box on Facebook. (Via Epicponyz.)

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  1. Even grosser…he made this video for his mom! And found a way to get on Ellen.

  2. Holy crap, this kid is hands down the coolest. I wasn’t with it until all the sudden he had a polo draped around his shoulders and clouds had appeared behind him. Someone give him an advertising contract now.

  3. This is TEN TIMES better than the “Where’s the Beef” redo I did as a child. Also, I didn’t record it.

  4. When he started to take off that towel my life flashed before my eyes…

  5. I want to marry him.

  6. “The Boy Your Man Could Smell Like” would make a pretty kickbutt Wilco song.

  7. I feel that Chris Hansen.jpg has already been posted far too many times than is desirable this week.

  8. i DO want this. thanks!

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