PopEater has launched a Facebook campaign to get Zach Gilford an Emmy for his work this season on Friday Night Lights. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t agree more. And hopefully Betty White will present him the award if he wins, RIGHT, YOU GUYS?!

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  1. Unfortunately, the Emmys don’t know FNL exists. Matt Saracen was all kinds of awesome this season.

    • Also, Zach Gilford is only a guest star this season, so he can’t be nominated for Best Actor. A nomination is a nomination, though, I guess.

      Oh, this makes me remember how much of a crush I had on Matt Saracen in Season One. So sweet! Kind of funny! Then I sort of started to like Landry better. Landry. Is that weird?

  2. We…are not amused.

  3. He’s pretty handsome

  4. Unfortunately, Coach Taylor’s Early Edition newspaper claims Facebook campaigns only work for Betty White:

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  6. Coach Taylor should win an EGOT.

  7. If Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell couldn’t get nominated for BSG, who really cares what the fucking academy thinks?

  8. Eric and Tami need Emmys too! Where are their Emmys?!? Also, Buddy Garrity!

  9. Can we start a Videogum campaign to get me the Editor’s Choice award? I can make a Facebook page if I must.

  10. i watched that funeral episode like 5 times in a row to get rid of all that pesky water weight.

  11. Can we get a Facebook campaign to put an end to fucking inane Facebook campaigns?

  12. I nominate Tim Riggins for my best friend.

    • If he’s available I would also like him to be one of my boyfriends. Not full-time; we both have other imaginary people to see. But sometimes it’d be nice to go for rides in his truck and play with the dog and stuff.

  13. Did anyone see the NCAA fines USC got ? (thats the best I can come up with on this thread)

  14. I’m pretty excited for the “Jersey Shore down South!” show (http://www.partydownsouth.com/) because based on the “South will rise again” promise on the casting call, it’s going to be the worst thing ever.

  15. I cannot like this facebook page enough. I am insanely passionate about FNL and I don’t understand why each of the actors on this show doesn’t have a small shed in his/her yard filled to the very top with emmys and other awards. It’s bullshit that other-lesser-shows have gotten more emmy recognition in the past few years. Not fair.

  16. i can has $$$$$$$$$$$

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