Thank goodness someone gave this guy his “own TV station” in time for him to report on the Earthquake that is going to hit California four months from now. WE ARE GONNA NEED A BIGGER PHEW! (Via Thanks for the tip, Nora.)

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  1. I am watching this at work on mute and imagining my own words. It is enjoyable.

    • Oh man this is one that you really need the sound for. It’s a delight.

    • Be careful, though: adding sound increases the Richter magnitude by 0.3

    • Funtastik, I know in my heart that you are a wonderful, creative individual. Your imagined words are undoubtedly beautiful, clever, and hilarious. However, I regret to inform you that there is just no way your words are better than his words. Sorry, Funtastick, you are truly great but this man is greater.

      I used to have trouble coming to terms with these feeling but I have no come to accept my unworthiness in the face of YouTube artists. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to email me at Bless.

      • I’m pretty sure this kid is developmentally challenged. While making fun of people who act retarded is enjoyable and well deserved, making fun of actual retarded people is just mean spirited. Lets forget this thread and leave some “she’s pretty” comments on the January Jones thread instead. MLISW!

      • So now I am at home and I watched it with sound… I had the words all wrong, but would you believe I had the voice TOTALLY RIGHT?

  2. Thanks for informing us Lloyd Christmas

  3. I can’t decide what is my favorite part (is it his indecision between trying to sound like a drill instructor or some sort of rythmic chanting maching; is it the coughing, with a brief look downwards as if wondering if this is all a terrible mistake; is it the perplexed stair and slowing down of voice that suggests he is on the verge of forgetting what he is standing out there for?) but I do know which part makes me saddest — the revelation that Transformers do exist, followed by their future tragic loss of robot life in September.

  4. Ahh hahaha. I love when he stops to cough. And when he doesn’t. I just love it all.

    • Interesting, form the Wikipedia entry for “butterfly effect”: “an unchecked cough in Whitney Pier could theoretically cause an earthquake in California four months later”.

  5. Someone should give this kid a movie.

  6. I did like how he wished us a nice day at the end of the rant, though.

  7. Laugh now, guys. Laugh now. Just wait till September 2010, people in California.

  8. He told me to have my everything ready, but I was still unprepared for that cough.

  9. I love how it looks like it’s filmed on his high school football field. I was expecting a McLovin moment when a huge jock comes out of nowhere and clocks him, then looks into the camera with crazy eyes and screams “WHEEEEEEEEW!! HOW YOU LIKE THAT NERD?!”

  10. If this guy seemed totally normal I wouldn’t believe him at all, but the fact that he seems slightly off scares the shit out of me.

  11. I can’t bring myself to look at the Youtube comments section for fear of what I know is there.

    • I was thinking the same thing, but it’s a surprisingly cautious crew over there. Take the wise words of this guy:

      “This is not me trying to mock you man, but, just as a tip from someone who doesn’t post videos on here, watch what you record, and then maybe rethink your presentation. There is such a thing as a second take. You don’t have to your first take all the time.”

      That is just hilarious.

    • youtube user durox says “the nice thing about this vid, is that the stupid get to learn some geography -california neighboring states.”

      yeah! so nice.

  12. How does he KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!?!??

  13. He’s seriously not saying that these guys are going to be destroyed by this quake, is he?

    If so, then I’m scared shitless, and I live in Illinois!

  14. This guy’s accent is clearly Canadian. He’s likely blitzed out of his mind on the sacred Canadian nectars of Molson or Labatt’s.

    • Dude, if you can’t tell the difference between someone being faced and someone having some sort of mental challenge, you must have all sorts of awkward encounters. Does it work the other way too? I can imagine it — you walk around bars, wondering why every bar in town seems to cater to those with mental disablities, soon you become terrified when you understand that it seems to be spreading, you turn and grab your friends, but from the look in the eyes and the difficulty you have in understanding their speech, you realize it’s too late for them, and you flee alone into the night.

  15. That guy is my boyfriend

  16. We are going to feel so bad just as soon as we find out what terrible disease he is fighting.

    But still hahahaha.

    • Yeah I was wondering about the ethics of laughing hysterically at this…I mean, on one hand, if he puts it on the internet it’s fair game, right? But on the other, I feel bad that the world is mocking him. :( But I still laugh every time I watch it, so I’ve obviously chosen which side I’m on.

  17. Look, I’ve been a fan of Little Britain since the beginning but Matt Lucas has gone too far with this character.

  18. this is my new favorite channel. hes reminds me of a canadian sexman, so many disaster reports!

  19. uhh, is it completely OK to make fun of… this? i mean, it started just weird/fun, but it went all the way down to weird/sad fast, and ended up being just depressing
    i guess you could say the same thing about any ICP vid, but at least they are making money out of it

  20. One of the YouTube comments talks about how he sounds like Kermit the Frog…which brings it to a whole new level of funny for me.

  21. I like how he hesitated before warning the Canadians.

  22. Whoo boy is his blog awesome. He writes just like he talks, a random mess of rambling with no punctuation to indicate the beginning of a thought and its end.

    “and quite a few people are buying cars there and they are doing a great business and and people are trading cars there too so is trucks and”

    I love the “and and” that was probably just a typo, but I imagine that he got so excited while typing that he couldn’t help but say it twice.

  23. “…Hurricane Season will be really Active this year and it will be so active and may tear the siding off the house and they Canceled all the Flights in Europe Because of the Volcanic Ash…”

    By the way: 179 videos on that channel.

  24. pretty much a How’s Your News type-scenario, done solo, with an extremist bent:

  25. God I wish my brother would stop doing this.

  26. this impending earthquake is racist against telephone poles.

  27. Why does he get a better haircut than me?

  28. GOOD LUCK.

  29. I think Gabe’s reset button is broken.

  30. I’ll stick to getting my earthquake predictions from house pets, thankyouverymuch.

  31. OR-GUN not OR-E-GONE.

    earth scientists should stick to predicting devastating earthquakes in a monotone shout-talking and leave pronouncing “Oregon” up to the experts.

  32. I’m glad i don’t live in California.

  33. hai dad


  34. i can’t believe i the whole thing.

  35. I live in California and I’m seriously thinking about getting the fuck out for the month of September. Nothing worse in this world than ignoring a warning.

  36. at :44 seconds he looks like he has never experienced a cough before. like a newborn or something. so good. i enjoy him.

  37. Really, Gabe? I thought you were a little more progressive (and just plain nicer?) than to make fun of someone who clearly has a cognitive disability. Unnecessary low blow.

  38. Maaaat Daamon!

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