Date: 1928/1929
Time: Unknown
Location: England
Source: Buzzfeed (via Vulture)
Description: In rare behind-the-scenes clip of a sound test, famed director Alfred Hitchcock is heard to use archaic form of TWSS. After teasing actress for being “a bad woman,” in reaction to which she giggles and turns away, subject (Hitchcock) insists that she turn to face the camera and stand in her place, otherwise, he says, “it will not come out right, as the girl said to the soldier.” Based on historic records, “as the girl said to the soldier” is archaic form of TWSS, although it is unclear if it was ever truncated (ATGSTTS). To date, this is earliest known recording of a TWSS moment. FILE UNDER: Historical TWSS, Archaic TWSS, Military TWSS.

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  1. What a cheeky guy.

  2. I bet he storyboarded that joke the night before.

  3. Ooh! I get it!
    “I say, this spotted dick leaves the most pleasant taste in my mouth!”
    “As the girl said to the soldier.”
    “Gah! You got me again, old chap.”
    And scene.

  4. Ha ha, gross, Slang Dictionary From 1904:

  5. Hitchock’s love for TWSS jokes was paralleled only by his love for boobies
    -My 8th Grade English Paper

  6. From now on, I expect to see many more ATGSTTS jokes.

  7. If you look closely, Hitchcock is an extra in every episode of The Office ever filmed.

  8. In England they call TWSS As the vicar said to the actress.

  9. Norman: “Well, a son is a poor substitute for a lover.”

    Marion: “TWTGKHDMITBS (That’s What The Guy Keeping His Dead Mother In The Basement Said)”

  10. Alfred Hitchcock is so weird.

  11. Vertigo used to be my favorite Hitchcock movie.

  12. Hitchcock had mad game.

  13. Can Gabe retroactively include Alfred Hitchcock in his “Best People of the Year” dealy at the end of 2010? Because I think this earns it.

  14. That chick’s blushing and giggling about ATGSTTS shit; THAT MAN HAS “COCK” RIGHT IN HIS NAME

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