Videogum reader A. Mart has created a blog exclusively for videos of people dancing by themselves to Ginuwine’s “Pony.” Yesssss! I suppose you could add it to your RSS to get the latest updates, but it’s probably easier–and makes more sense–to just make it your homepage. That you way you see the new dances FIRST THING.

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  1. See, Gabe? The world’s not so bad after all.

  2. I like imagining all the alien anthropologists who, long after humanity is dead, will visit Earth in 2013 and they’ll study these videos and glean much valuable information on how we decorated our rooms and how badly we misjudge our own talents but also it’ll leave so many interesting questions, which’ll make this tumblr a fruitful source for alien Master’s theses for years to come.

  3. Holy coincidence, I am also a Videogum reader who started a blog today! Mine is a dissection of Boy Meets World episodes, though, and I haven’t actually posted anything to it yet, because I am not a very good blogger.

    • Actually, you’re the best kind of blogger. You’re the type of blogger Borges would love. An amazing concept for a blog, made perfect by never writing a word.

      • Man, I wrote a bunch of words! But then I realized that I was writing a whole lot about a 15-year old episode of a TV show, and there was a pretty good chance nobody would ever read it but me, and that just seemed silly. So I never actually POSTED those words. But they DO exist, I swear!

        • Post them. Put the link here. I’d totally read the words, seeing as how I modeled my life after Shawn Hunter.

        • I’d read it at least once, facetaco. But be careful; blogging ain’t easy but it’s necessary.

          So you wanna be a blog superstar?
          And live large, a big house, 5 cats, you’re in charge
          Comin’ up in the world don’t trust no body
          Gotta look over your shoulder constantly?

          People see blogstars, younawhaI’msayin?
          But you still…try’na…get out more like, like everybody else
          It’s a fun job, but it’s still a job
          Save your money man, save your money too
          One post don’t last very long, younawhaI’msayin?
          I mean…you’re lucky in this game too
          There’s gon’ be another cat comin’ out
          Lookin’ like you, soundin’ like you, next year I know this
          They’ll be a flipside, to what you do
          Somebody’ll try to spin off like some series.

        • If a blogger blogs offline and no one is there to comment on it, does it make a sound?

    • It’s hard to be if you ain’t makin’ money doing it and have to work and stupid crap like that.

      Which is why I’m happy to watch Cyrus people read the posts with me and have that weird Kin thing thrown in my face! Never get a job that prevents you from doing this, Gabe!
      I expect to become an old, wrinkly monster.

  4. I played them all at the same time to get the maximum effect. Why is ti the girls will dance completely in frame whereas most of the guys strategically keep their chins above frame?

  5. In England they call this Pony and Trap.

  6. Do people dance together to this song….or always by themselves?

  7. Why does Ginuwine burp throughout this entire song? They didn’t have enough money to do a few more, non barf inducing, takes?

  8. This is the best thing, ever.

  9. Welcome to boyfreind mecca.

  10. While this is plenty amusing, it really served as a reminder that I haven’t checked out Hipster Puppies in a month, that was a lot of puppies to catch up with.

  11. The song is even better if you take the lyrics completely literally.

    “You’ll be on my jockey team”

  12. This has brought me nothing but beautiful joy this morning.

  13. humanity + weep = youtube

  14. It’s weird to think people took time out of their day to do this. “I’ll fix a hot meal for myself in a minute, right now I’m going to film myself dancing alone to song that was popular in the mid-90s and then post it to youtube. Fun activity!”

  15. I enjoy the ones who really utilize the space. Well done World. Well done.

  16. For the record, there’s a really great xtube video in which a guy had skillfully edited a montage clips of himself masturbating, with “Pony” by Ginuwine as the soundtrack. Which is sort of like dancing, but different.

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