Huzanah and good morning to you. On today’s episode of Morning Prayer with Skott and Behr, our two spiritual hosts with the spiritual mosts celebrate the glory of Rang with an interview with Frank Blacks from the Pixels:

Ugh. I hate when Chase ruins everything. Which is ALWAYS. (Via @ericwareheim.)

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  1. It kinda makes you wonder, if things are this good in an outtake, the actual show must either be amazing or spectacularly mis-judged.

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  3. I know there is funny stuff going on in this video, but ima be honest, my mind is just white noise interspersed with mindscreeches of ‘BLACK FRANCIS!!!’ “PIXIES!’

    “I like the Pixies a lot”-Me

  4. Thank Hosanna.

  5. my plan is to intersperse random hosanna’s into the 4 meetings i have today.

  6. on a more related note, much of Frank Blacks lyrics are deeply rooted in biblical undertones, albeit dark ones.

  7. Huzanah good day huzanah!

  8. i just like this. no witty jokes here.

  9. I don’t want to start a whole comment thread fight here, but I think their best record was Doolittles.

  10. I’ve tried for so many years but I still just do not get the humor of Tim and Eric. I have really given it all my effort but still not laughing. Luckily, Tim and Eric do not need me to find them funny because they have literally trillions of fans in multiple galaxies where wars are put on hold to celebrate the Tim and Eric Olympics so who really gives a damn what I think.

    I think the Pixies are a talanted bunch of musical entertainers and their song “Hey!” is really good for listening to. So is “Cactus” and “Wave of Mutilation”.

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