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  1. You know what they say: history repeats itself.

  2. I am so down for this. It’s got all the things I look for in a movie: historical fiction, sequel, and written, directed, and staring someone I have never heard of.

    • “Sequels involving nobody from the original” is my favorite non-genre of movies. Cruel Intentions 2 and The Skulls 2 are both quality entries. Still Waiting almost doesn’t count because it involves more than three members of the original cast, but it does a very nice job with the scenes that are basically from the original movie, but with slight variations. I have high hopes for Titanic 2.

  3. 100 years later huh? Well the Titanic disaster was in 1912, which would mean this takes place in 2012
    This is how the world ends

  4. Written and directed by Shane Van Dyke! The man behind such hits as Transmorphers: Fall of Man*, Street Racer**, The Day the Earth Stopped*** , and Paranormal Entity****!

    *Not kidding. This is an actual movie he wrote.
    **Not kidding. This is an actual movie he wrote.
    ***Not kidding. This is an actual movie he wrote.
    ****Not kidding. This is an actual movie he wrote. And directed.

  5. The sequel to this: Titanic 2 2: The Hindenburg 2

  6. Titanic II: 2 Big 2 Fail

  7. The ‘stormy weather’ production still is by far the best. It’s just dusk! You can see the friggin’ moon!

  8. It was a million to one shot, I tell ya’, a million to one.

  9. The important question here is why has it taken 12 years for this to happen? Also, where’s the porn version of the original? Come on Hollywood, you’re letting me down!

  10. I was going to say “apparently lightening CAN strike twice” but those clever bastards beat me to it!

  11. I don’t understand why they felt it was important to make it that a tsunami “pushed” the iceberg in to the ship’s path. Why not just have there be an iceberg… in the ships path?

  12. Aww, they should have set it in space, like in Futurama.

  13. For the cool kidz to watch it, shouldn’t the title be “T1TAN1C 2″ ?

  14. I’m just gonna put this out there. I am in love with The Asylum. They’re pretty much the last bastion of relatively big production B-movies out there, and they rarely miss the mark in producing amazingly hilarious and awful films to get drunk to and yell at. You just can’t argue with Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. And the original Transmorphers? Dumb brilliance.

    So needless to say, I’m Fandango’ing this in my mind right now.

  15. Titanic 2: Tsunami Boogaloo
    Titanic 2: Port of Call: Southampton

  16. I was sure this would be related to, from

    Megamonolith Pictures is holding an open casting call for TITANIC 2: MERMAID SAVIORS, a sequel to the Academy Award-winning 1997 blockbuster TITANIC, on July 1st and 2nd. The film begins moments after the sinking of the Titanic. All who have drowned are brought back to life by a futuristic race of mermaids, called the Mantocks, who welcome the humans to their underwater paradise. Soon after, JACK DAWSON is elected king of the underwater humans. DAWSON requests that all humans be returned above water, a request that is denied by KING MANTROCK. The humans are slowly brainwashed into worshiping their mermaid saviors. Meanwhile, the sunken TITANIC has become a haunted underwater wasteland inhabited by RAGGARO and his band of mermaid pirates. Will the humans ever free themselves from their mermaid slavery? Will the mermaid pirates wage war on Mantock?

    All actors seeking consideration must reply to this post with:

    1.) A headshot
    2.) A few short paragraphs on why they’re qualified for MERMAID SAVIORS.

    Actors with mermaid and under water acting experience are highly desirable.

  17. james cameron, now you’re just getting greedy.

  18. Titanic 2: Cruise Control: Back in the Habit

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