This supercut of movie cliches is more enjoyable to watch than many of the movies it features!

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  1. I never wanted to be an adult who went to Supercuts, but you know, recession.

    • I’d suggest a barber–my ex-boyfriend went (goes?) to a barber, who cut his hair and cracked his neck for $12–but as you are a lady and we have GENDER ROLES, you probably have longer hair that requires more than a razor with a number to look its best.

    • ugh, I just paid 30 bucks for a haircut couple weekends ago because Supercuts screwed me on the 12 dollar joint they hooked me up with on the Wednesday prior.

      There’s a reason that shit’s 12 dollars, FUCK. I looked like Doc Oc with bedhead.

    • I prefer BoRics. On Tuesdays adult haircuts are only $9.99. My “stylist” Tran keeps me entertained with her disastrous personal life!

    • Depending on how lazy I feel I used to go to the hair salon (downstairs on my old apartment) that charges 25+ tips, of I would go on a small drive to Borics and pay 13$ + 5 tip. Of course if my friend is around he cuts my hair for some beers and rum. I know this isn’t interesting, I just love how this thread became about hair.

  2. The oil spill is half-contained. Let’s make a new supercut!

  3. I have this sudden fear that cliche will become like irony and people will use it scattershot, knowing it means something, but never really sure what it means.

  4. That was a random use of Jesus Lizard…

  5. wait, since when are things like looking, running, using the stairs, and driving cliches? what’s next, supercut? sleeping? is my whole life a lie!?

    • The next supercut will be people watching movies and the world will explode, 2012

    • What made it worse was that so many of them started off as almost cliches. Like, okay, guy jumping across the hood of a car. Yes, you could show me hundreds of different movies with someone doing that, but what, now you’re just showing me people running through traffic? Oh come on, now they’re just plain running! These aren’t cliches! These are things that happen that are vaguely similar to each other!

      I stopped watching the video, but was eating in there? I bet eating was in there.

    • I’m waiting for the supercut supercut.

  6. also, I’m pretty sure the “cliche” wasn’t so much any particular action as it was the action chase scene, which starts out with people running and ends in a Bayplosion

  7. Gabe, don’t you qualify for a senior discount?

  8. Why did I just grow two new testicles?

  9. Ugh, nailed those cliches. I mean, if I have to see one more movie with a guy walking determinedly or looking back, or for heavens sake, running. I mean take a bike! skip! anything, just try something original for once!

    • Right, and if I have to see one more car/boat/motorcycle/jetski chase/just-speeding-along scene, I will pluck out my eyes!

  10. I really like that Bruce Willis getting kicked in the face was a cliche all its own.

  11. i know i’m late to the party here, but that was boring and poorly put together. “look at all these movie, filming guys WALK!!!” no shit. people walk, the camera follows the action.

    if Rich @ fourfour had done this it would have been awesome. like, every headbutt knowing to action, not just one random one. this was no demonstration of cliches.

  12. Even when it was a bit cliche, like “slow motion dive into the water” or “run away from explosion” they ended up using at least one scene like 4 or 5 times. Nothing says cliche like not being able to find enough examples so you just use the same clip over and over …

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