“Let me just get this straight: there is a movie starring 50 Cent that he wrote himself called Gun. And this movie has a borderline comedic movie poster. And in this movie, 50 Cent plays a street-wise arms dealer who teams up with Val Kilmer, who is actually an undercover police officer trying to take 50 Cent down, and also John Laroquette is in it? The guy from Night Court? And now this movie, Gun, written by and starring 50 Cent, has a movie trailer that appears to be edited by 50 Cent as well, and somehow the trailer doesn’t make any sense and the movie continues to look incomprehensible in addition to cheap and also awful? That just doesn’t make any sense.”
–No one.

Gun trailer, you guys:

Yikes. Even the Takers trailer is shaking its head and whispering “I don’t get it,” into its friend’s ear. (It’s friend, of course, being the trailer for the Sticky Fingaz musical.)

And yet, this comes as no surprise whatsoever. I mean, duh. (Thanks for the tip, Candice and Max.)

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  1. “Assault rifles, semi-automatics, shotguns, automatics, M16s, Mack 10s, P90s.”
    At least we know 50 read a list of guns on the Wiki page for ‘gun’

  2. Gaaaabe…It’s easy to love me now
    Would you blog about me if I was down and out?
    Would you still see my mooovviieeee?

  3. This could be a new trend where celebrities make movies titled after things that define or interest them. Or at least a party game. Like Paris Hilton in “Penis”, or Gweneth Paltrow in “Myself” or “Myself 2, Still Me” you get the idea.

  4. Since we know 50 Cent is a method actor do you think he got shot about a decade ago in preparation for this role

  5. This is actually a pretty great trailer if you turn down the sound and hum the Night Court theme song.

  6. “Cheetah Vision” is definitely a great name for a movie production company.

  7. ahhhh…. to be a bored multi-millionare! This 50 cent’s Bee Movie.

  8. “One gun, many lives lost.” Also pictured, second gun.

  9. I’m worried about Val Kilmer’s career trajectory:
    “Top Gun” ⇛ ” ___ Gun” ⇛ ” ______ “

  10. First he calls Ja-Rule a Wanksta for being “soft”, now he is teaming up with a washed up action star? I sense 50 is trying to reignite a feud.

  11. This movie looks depressing. Not even one ray of sunlight in the whole thing.

  12. Drunkface is is it?

  13. That poster… “One Gun. Many Lives Lost”. I’m waiting for Gun 2: More Lives Lost.

  14. this was called “guns” but then 50 cent lost all that weight. by the time of release hell be down to just “twigs”

  15. This is a direct to VHS release, right?

  16. I hope this movie has a scene where Fifty Cents teaches Val Kilmer how to talk “street”, like Fifty Cents says “No, you say ‘Aight’” and Val Kilmer says “Alright?” and Fifty Cents says, “No, homie, ‘Aight!”" Or also a scene where he teaches Val Kilmer how to walk cool to impress the ladies.
    Because that seems to be the skill level we are operating on here.

  17. That Annalynn McCord… She must work out…

  18. i’m a little confused. val kilmer’s wife was shot leaving the strip club? why was she in the strip club? all those jump cuts made it hard to tell if she was a stripper.

    • I think it’s a regular club with a stripper pole. I don’t leave the house much but my man Mystery assures me that this is common place within that seedy world or dancing and debauchery.

    • There are enough jump cuts that we can’t rule out that she wasn’t just an extra in Moulin Rouge

  19. Harmony Korine should have directed it, and they could have called it Gum. Or Carrie Fisher’s hairdo could have starred in it, and it could have been called Bun. Or Whoopi Goldberg could make a comeback and it could have been called Nun. I’m sorry.

  20. “High caliber stakes.” haha. This movie think’s it’s clever. That’s silly.

  21. This movie is going to do so well. Just like all the movies Cheetah Vision Films releases.

  22. “Oh hai, Fifty Cent.” Good lord, this makes mess sense than the trailer for The Room!

  23. The DA has decided he loves your hair. No more jail for you.

  24. Wow that was a boring trailer. The only thing I got from it was how hard 50 is working on that “Look how big my dick- I mean gun- is” metaphor.
    Clearly, he should have just named the movie “Penis” instead of “Gun”
    Not to be crude(er) look how huge this is:

  25. This looks really good.

  26. well, i heard the actor John Laroquette was looking for a meaty character piece. good for him!

  27. did he really drop a bullet into a guy’s drink and say “the next one isn’t coming out of my hand”? Menacing!

  28. I didn’t watch the trailer, but I DID read the video title as a math equation!

    50 Cent x Val Kilmer – Gun [Trailer / New / June / 2010] = oof.

  29. A movie with Anna Lynn McCord as the sensible one in a fucked up criminal enterprising relationship? Danny Trejo getting shot? Val Kilmer rocking a mullet and sweet love handles? Tell me when this arrives on HULU and I’m there with mild interest.

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