McDonald’s is recalling 12 million souvenir Shrek Ever After glasses because the paint used to depict all our favorite pals is filled with toxic cadmium, which, when ingested, can lead to bone softening and kidney problems. As if it even matters.

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  1. Is it just me, or does the idea of have soft bones seem kinda nice and cuddly?

  2. Cadmium is the secret ingredient in chicken McNuggets.

    • When I was in high school, I was on the swim team.

      Before you get any ideas, I was not good at it. I refused to take my shirt off when I swam, would only wear extra large OP trunks and never bought goggles. I was the pasty kid in the oversized Cure t-shirt and floral print shorts in the middle of the tan and buff young men. I had to practice in the same lane as the kids with floaties.

      I wish I was making this story up.

      One evening, coming back from a swim meet in Lexington, we stopped at McDonalds, because healthy bodies need good food. Everyone ordered 20 Chicken McNuggets. When we got our order, and everone started eating, about half of the nuggets had not been fully cooked. The undercooked McNugget, rather than being that odd, white spongy stuff, it was a thick pink jelly.

      I wish I was making this story up.

      So of course, no one could eat McNuggets like that so we sent them back, got more, and ate those.

      I wish I was making this story up.

  3. * idea of having…

    Let’s paint, exercise, drink out of Sherk glasses, soften our bones, and learn to proof read our comments before hitting submit!!!

  4. What they fail to mention is that toxic cadmium, when ingested, can lead to deliciousness and 30% higher levels of yumosity.

  5. Shrek’s response

  6. So are they also going to recall all of their food?

  7. I mean, yeah, Your Bones are soft, but check it – Your dad won’t do as much damage when he beats you for coming out.

  8. This makes up for the offensive gay commercial they did, which Bill O’Reilly correctly compared to making commercials for Al Qaeda terrorists.

  9. so THAT’S why their coke tastes so good.

  10. What’s the big deal? Just don’t suck on/lick and chew/break and eat/crush and snort/sit on naked/or drink from the glass. I don’t get it.

  11. Be careful – that link Gabe dropped in there to the 2012 FACTS page is a rabbit hole of time suckage.

    • LOL That’s why I generally take his word for it and skip the link. HOWEVER if I find out he made it up, it’s Karate Kick to the Groin Town for him!

      I’m just kidding!

      I would never do that to the elderly.

  12. My fav holiday is Easter mainly due to the quality candy associated with it. My favorite of all are Cadmium Mini Eggs. Most ppl prefer Cadmium Cream Eggs but not me. I guess what I’m trying to say is: Why is everyone so upset about this? Cadmium glasses sound delicious. I’m gonna head to McDonald’s this afternoon to get one!

    • there are a lot of other delicious cadmium products, but the eggs really are the greatest. mini or regular, i try and eat no other food for the entire spring.

  13. 12 million potential deaths due to novelty glasses? Tiny little blurb. Kids performing Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”? THAT IS SOME FRONT PAGE SHIT!

  14. come to the oncologist as you are

  15. Bah! There goes my plan of softening the bones of America’s tackiest people!!!!1

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