This is an incredible Lady Gaga tribute, yes, but it’s an even better advertisement for having children. You can make them do whatever you want and they have no idea. The only question now is DO THE BABIES QUALIFY FOR AMAZON SUPERSAVER FREE SHIPPING? (Via Urlesque via Vulture.)

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  1. Actually, that’s only the second best thing about having kids. The best part is that you can blame pretty much everything on them.

    “Sorry I’m late, it took a while for the kid to get ready.”

    “It wasn’t me that ate the last cupcake, it was my son!”

    “You honor, I didn’t shoot that man, it was my child! But you can’t send him to jail, because he’s only 3 months old!”

  2. The target audience for this is: everyone!

  3. Man, Bradley Cooper is really stepping up his game.

  4. This is good, but you know what would make this better? Crying jags. Not nearly enough crying jags.

  5. the kids are alright, but i bet every adult who had a hand in making this is incredibly annoying.

  6. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2010 +41

    This video is adorable but it’s like ten minutes too short and where’s Babyoncé?

  7. Where are you buying your babies that they cost more than $25 Gabe, thus making them eligible for supersaver shipping

  8. My girlfriend is so talented.

  9. Putting a 4-year old in handcuffs has to be crossing the line, right? I mean, dressing her up and having her suggestively dance to a Lady GaGa song can be tolerated, but handcuffs?

  10. I can’t tell the difference between adorable and disturbing anymore. Holocaust? Could possibly be adorable for all I know.

  11. This is why no one in LA should be allowed to have kids.

  12. what i want to know is where the juggallo versions of lady gaga songs are? seriously. kids are old and busted, the juggs are the new hotness.

  13. i love this perfect storm that we’re all caught in. gaga + youtube + access to video cameras. it’s a wonderful time to be alive.

  14. I would make a relevant comment but I am feeling a strange desire to purchase a Kin. Must purchase Kin. Must purchase Kin.

  15. You can tell that she’s really into the dance sequence by the way she just sits there not even smiling.

  16. I didn’t know polygamists could be Lady Gaga fans. Also, where are the other 43 children?

  17. I think this would be earnestly adorable if not for the half-naked adult back-up dancers that come in on the chorus.

  18. She is not the popstar we need, but she is the one we deserve.

  19. prussian blue has to be sooooo pissed someone beat them to this cover

  20. are the adult women in this doing it because:
    a. it’s cute?
    b. they want to be internet stars?
    c. they are being held captive?
    d. they are really 4 year old with genetic disorders and growth hormones?

    also, i think the chick at 1:41 must have called her parents “i gotta close-up!!!”

    also pt.2…was i the only one that noticed that one of the kids is sitting on a toilet while on the phone??? how is this okay?

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