Gulliver’s Travels trailer, you guys:

Snore. Is it just me, or does every trailer for a Jack Black movie now just seem like a fake trailer for a Jack Black movie in Tropic Thunder? That movie was pretty funny, and actually interesting and ambitious for a big budget Hollywood comedy, but I’m pretty sure Jack Black shot himself in the foot and/or face with it. “Don’t you get it, man, I’m playing an exaggerated version of my public persona.” Exaggerated, right. “They actually made my farts 1.5 times louder than usual for effect.” Got it. But, OK, here’s a question: WHO THE HELL IS THIS MOVIE FOR?

At first glance you would think that a Jack Black movie based on Gulliver’s Travels in which he plays a building-sized clown in a world of thimble-sized Jason Segels would be for children, and that would be fine. Children need to watch something in between crying jags. But 3/4 of this trailer is actually about how Jack Black is stuck in a dead-end job and harbors dreams of being a travel journalist in order to have sex with Amanda Peet, all of which are distinctly ADULT themes. If there is one thing that children do not give an F about it is harboring dreams of being a travel journalist. And having sex with Amanda Peet. So this movie is for grown-ups? Cool grown-ups. I would definitely like to meet those grown-ups. And take their Adult Licenses away. “You need remedial adult training.”

Based on the evidence at hand, my guess is that this movie is for no one.

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  1. To me, there will only ever be one true Gulliver: Ted Danson.

  2. Adults with childish sense of humor, ie Jeff Dunham fans

  3. The nerds (by nerds I mean fans of terrible sci-fi shows) will agree with me here: The WORST part of this film is that Catherine Tate (aka Donna Noble) is in it.

  4. When I first saw this trailer, I thought for sure it was from Funny or Die. You win, Universe!

  5. As a janitor at Gawker who harbors secret wishes of sleeping with Nick Denton while ascending to the ranks of elite bloggers, I believe this movie was made, nay bespoke, for me!

  6. is this movie why Amanda Peet isn’t famous enough to get herself burgled?

  7. Yes, Gabe, but Emily Blunt, Romany Malco (who is so hot! But whose comedic timing was so weird in Baby Mama, we must all admit…), and TJ Miller. WHAT SAY YOU TO THAT?

  8. I’m suprised by the

  9. I will watch anything with Amanda Peet in it. I suffered through The Whole Nine Yards, and then suffered again for The Whole Ten Yards. If they ever make The Whole Eleven Yards (oh god, no), I will watch that. I have even seen that terrible, terrible movie she did with Zach Braff. I am head-over-heels in love with her beautiful, beautiful face, and I shall follow it to the ends of the Earth.

    So basically, this movie is for me.

    • mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2010 +49

      Her face isn’t as beautiful as yours is delicious.

    • Speaking of pretty actresses, Emily Blunt is in this too! I would assume this movie’s audience would be for people who enjoy looking at pretty actresses all day, but then they would have cast Bradly Cooper as Gulliver instead.

  10. Those special effects looked really special, you know what I’m saying? Like special-ed.

  11. Uhg. The Ted Danson version was bad enough, now this?

    It’s a fucking 4-part social satire Hollywood, on par with LOTR.
    It ain’t a fucking Jack Black fluff piece, Mr Swift would roll in his
    Grave and barf Mr Black right into brobdingnag, if he was up
    To barfing(which he ain’t, he’s fucking dead, MHRIP).

    Fuuuuck, I hate bad remakes of brilliant books.

  12. I got about half way through this thinking, “This doesn’t look terrible, but why is it called ‘Gulliver’s Travels’? Don’t they know that’s about tiny people?” Then the tiny people happened and my brain exploded, because what?!?

  13. “Black Is the New Big.” Psssht. Quit acting like you invented a stereotype you innuendo/tag line!

    • Also, definitely worth pointing out that this movie is for KIDS. The premise is that he tells a lie and then lands himself in a bit of trouble, and everyone (except for dummy kids) knows that LYING doesn’t get you into trouble, lying makes you $$$RICH$$$!!!!!! … But he probably winds up rich in the end with that woman on a big ol boat, so therefore, adults, and Lock the gate Fandango!

  14. There has been a lot of fart talk today on here.

  15. So does this take place in a world where “Gulliver’s Travels” was never written by Jonathan Swift? Or are we to assume this new Gulliver is another traveler to the world of the Lilliputians and Brobdignagians? Or what? I don’t get it. I don’t think this movie gets it either.

  16. I think this looks pretty cool- I lol’d a couple (hundred) times- but I think besides the miniature people and the bermuda triangle and all of that I’d say the most unbelievable part of this trailer is that we are supposed to believe that Jack Black can do a cartwheel at all, much less with one hand. or has ever been able to

  17. As if the whole thing wasn’t hackneyed enough, they use “In The Hall of The Mountain King” in the trailer. Seriously, fuck you Hollywood. Get a new soundtrack for your promos already.

  18. The answer to your question is the same people who bought Va-poo-rize.

  19. My mother loves Jack Black movies. I have no idea why. Something tells me that there are multiple people in this I-will-watch-anything-with-Jack-Black-in-it camp. I have no idea why.
    That being said, this trailer was about 2 minutes and 24 seconds too long. It would only take a one second flash of Jack Black’s awful awful face on the screen to lure in my mother (and, I’m assuming the other unreasonably tasteless people who <3 Jack Black (ew)).

  20. Anyone else tired of the fact that every Hollywood comedy these days the male lead is, for all intents and purposes, a child?
    We grown men can be funny, too. Just the other day, my wife was doing a crossword, and asked me for a three letter word for “fish eggs”. And I replied, “‘Roe’ is you!”
    And we laughed…

  21. my thought process the entire trailer:
    “no thank you, this looks awful”

    In Digital 3D title card pops up:
    “well okay, maybe if I have nothing else to do at Christmas… it might be kinda cute.”

  22. this should have been an adam sandler movie, right?

  23. We all need to put cocaine mountains on our posse guys…

  24. Thank God this is in 3D.

  25. Wait, am I the only one who thinks that was Marlo who rented him the boat? They never gave a clear shot of his face, but it sure sounded like him.

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