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  1. Everyone knows that the Pasqualis’s were forced to change their surnames to the anglicized Paltrow when they arrived at Ellis Island form their native Guatemala.

  2. Forget it Gabe, it’s Donesville.

  3. I don’t have my own webseries cooking show and I know that using a giant bread knife to cut grape tomatoes is overkill

  4. this is not going to be a very popular opinion, but she seems pretty likable here.

  5. Ok, so as a latecomer I never understood all this Paltrow business.

    Until I heard her say the word “donesville.”

    And it makes me sad, because she seems like the type of person whose nonsense I would put up with. I would be friends with her, and I would be annoyed by her quirks, and I would never tell her how I felt, and I might pretend to lose invitations to her parties.

    • (I would sit next to her at dinners and clench the sides of my chair, trying not to yell something like “GWYN STOP TRYING TO BE CUTE, IT IS THE WORST.”)

  6. I want my six minutes back. And some tacos.

  7. You could rinse your canned beans, too, Gwyneth, and that would eliminate that canned taste. Of course then you’d have to add a little stock, maybe a splash of oil to them to replace the in-can goo that no one cooks with, but that’d be a lot more work.

    Also: it’s the lime juice that slows the avocados’ browning, not keeping the pits in while you mash them. UGH.

  8. Awe my kitchen doesn’t have a grill. I don’t even have a grill pan. I really wish I did, actually. Indoor grilling sounds great.

    I think I can’t dislike Gwyneth. I’m on Team Gwyneth.

  9. In Mexico, they call avocados “lorries.”


  10. I wonder how much she pays the camera operator, and if they constantly regret the four years they spent in film school just to end up doing this.

  11. In the grand scheme of things I dislike about Gwyneth, this is nowhere near the top, but I wish she would start saying I’M gonna instead of EYN gonna… She says it a lot in this video and for someone so invested in accents/linguistics, she should really know that there is no ‘n’ in ‘I am.’

    And I really thought the kid-friendly tacos her daughter likes looked delicious… So I definitely like the Paltrow-Martin children, just not the parents.

    • I’m just sort of confused about the point of this video. She didn’t honestly think that she was teaching how to make these tacos did she? I think thats what bothered me about it. It was more her wanting us to know that she can make really really simple food, rather than teaching us to make really really simple food. “Look! I’m a rich person doing things for myself! And you can too!”

  12. I thought this video was going to be about something wildly different… I had my towel horn all ready:(

  13. Don’t you hate it when people pronounce the names of other countries the way said country’s natives do? The way she said, Cholula from “Meh-hee-co,” for example? GRRRRRRAHHHHH!!!!! So obnoxious! It reminds me of when I was a kid and traveling missionaries would visit our church to show slides and tell stories about their trips to Brah-zeel and Chill-lay during these we’ve returned with our heads and bit of hepatitis victory lunches. My dad would always corner them afterwards and say, Hey now where is that you went again? over and over, Where?…Where now? Where?! Until they’d finally get the point and say the English language versions, and then he’d laugh sarcastically, look at me and go, “Right.”

    Like Viggo Mortensen in the Road, love you, papa.

    • Your dad sounds awesome.

    • I was talking to these hipsters the other day and I told them about this city back home called San Pedro and I pronounced it like an English word, because that’s how I grew up pronouncing it, and they started to pronounce it in Spanish and were giving me shit and it made me remember why I don’t like hipsters.

  14. Because of my dislike for her, I started to harp at the harmless things she says too. “Oh what, tacos are easy to make? The whole family will enjoy them? Not everyone can make tacos GWEN, some people have gluten allergies. You bitch.”

  15. Was that the low rent kitchen from the squatters loft she was forced to tolerate during filming in Nashville.

  16. As long as we’re dissecting everything she said, does anyone else find the term “old school” being ridiculously over used? Like anything that you remember from more than a year or two ago is now old school? I don’t know, I’m not familiar with the history of shrimp tacos in Baja Mexico, but when I think of things that are “old school” I don’t think of privileged white people eating shrimp tacos. Just feels a little more “new school” to me.

    All that said, those tacos look good, and she doesn’t really bother me.

  17. I never noticed she had such a pronounced lisp before. Unless that’s like the new fashionably fake British accent or something.

  18. Rick Bayless is so scared for his job right now?

    Also, why is she only cooking 6 shrimps for 4 people? Celebrities! Just like us! Can’t afford shrimps!

  19. Whatever. I’d eat her taco. No Pervo.


  21. When she said, “I’m going to take my little shrimp…” I was waiting for Chris Martin to yell out, “I’m 6’2″!”
    A rare miss, Chis Martin.

  22. “Comments have been disabled for this video.”

    Do think this is because of Videogum solely?

  23. Hahha she is so failing with those tortillas.

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