Oh no! If last summer was the Summer of Death, this summer is looking to be the Summer of Death of ’80s TV Stars. First Arnold Jackson and now Blanche Devereaux. From People:

Golden Girl Rue McClanahan has died at the age of 76.

“She passed away at 1 a.m. this morning,” her manager, Barbara Lawrence, tells PEOPLE. “She had a massive stroke.”

McClanahan, who played man-happy Blanche Devereaux on the still-popular ’80s sitcom Golden Girls, had suffered a minor stroke earlier this year while recovering from bypass surgery. Lawrence also said that at the time of her death Thursday, McClanahan “had her family with her. She went in peace.”

Oof. Well, if you have to die (and you do have to die, for sure, SORRY), you could do worse than to die surrounded by family, in peace. Here is a video of Rue as I think she would like to be remembered:

R.I.P. Rue McClanahan. You will be missed. You’re in heaven now, having an active, boisterous, and unapologetic sex-life with the angels.

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  1. “R.I.P. Rue McClanahan. You will be missed. You’re in heaven now, having an active, boisterous, and unapologetic sex-life with the angels.”

    I think that’s probably the perfect sentence for her. Or, at least for the character she played on tv.

  2. Oh No! Im genuinely sad about this. Now Betty White is the only Golden Girl left.

    • Me too, Gangy. Me too. Tonight I will bust out my Golden Girls DVDs and eat cheesecake in her honor. (Full disclosure: I would probably do that anyway, but now I will do it with an air of melancholy.)

  3. Goodbye, my regal queen.

  4. Betty White is now finished with her Kill Bill-style rampage, I guess. Now she can hop into her Pussy Wagon and ride out of town for good.

  5. Thank you for being a friend.

  6. If Sex in the City 2′s obnoxious ostentatiousness is worsened by the fact that we’re still in an economic crisis, Rue McClanahan’s death is the rotten icing on that garbage cake.

    She will always be the OG TV cougar to me.

    • Also, is anyone else having trouble signing into the ‘gums today with their regular sn and not their facebook, strictly because of this ad for the Neistat Brothers? How else am I supposed to creep around in anonymity?!

      • yeah that’s ridiculous. way to put an ad right over the ‘sign-in’ button guys!

        i just clicked where my password was and hit enter and it worked ok. unfortunately this was after i accidentally clicked on the AD COVERING THE SIGN-IN BUTTON. i wish i could take back my inadvertent traffic. protest!

    • Here’s a little tied-in fun fact to help you relax: during the first season of Golden Girls, Rue was 50, during SATC2, Kim Catrall was 53.

      On second thought, that might not relax you. Probably the opposite. Darn.

    • Yes to the login problem. However, since I couldn’t see the login button, I hit the return key after typing my password.

  7. The final stages are complete, soon she will be all-powerful…

    • The faithful and the faithless shall alike be remembered when she ascends. Oh how ye shall be remembered…

    • “From my black throne, I will lash together a machine of bone and blood, and fueled by my hatred for you this fear engine will bore a hole between this world and that one. When it begins, you will hear the sound of children screaming – as though from a great distance. A smoking orb of nothing will grow above your bed, and from it will emerge a thousand starving crows. As I slip through the widening maw in my new form, you will catch only a glimpse of my radiance before you are incinerated. Then, as tears of bubbling pitch stream down my face, my dark work will begin. I will open one of my six mouths, and I will sing the song that ends the Earth.”


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    • I’ve tried to rank the Golden Girls before. It was a four-way tie for first.

    • Yes, I think it is.

      • They are a team unit and sort of impossible to rank…I too have tried.

        I think Dorothy was the glue that held them all together, with Rose being the perfect comic foil to Dorothy’s intelligent sarcasm, and Blanche was the buffer between the two – sometimes teaming up with Dorothy to berate Rose, sometimes teaming up with Rose to berate Dorothy…but all the while being fabulous and carefree, unapologetic about who she was. And of course, Sophia. Best one-liners on the show. They all had impeccable comic timing and the the show had that “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” kind of thing.

        I am a huge GG nerd and should probably go back to the linai where I came from.

  9. And the Golden Girls remains popular in syndication

  10. Dude, that vid is way NSFW. Oh, wait, I don’t work

  11. So sad!

    Also, I see that there are no YouTube clips of her performance in Paul Zindel’s ‘Let Me Hear You Whisper,’ which I still remember watching in junior high. What a goddess. “It STREAKS, Helen! It STREAKS!”

  12. She went out with a massive stroke.

    It’s what she would have wanted

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    • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

      • People, bisquetaker’s right. STOP DISLIKING THINGS! We need to start finding everybody’s comments fucking hilarious all of the time, starting with his (or hers).

      • I like how you completely made up a narrative of why 8 people downvoted you. I didn’t downvote you, but I just want to point out that I don’t save my downvotes for people who “cross the line.” I downvote people usually when they say something that is not funny. Also, notice someone else made a stroke joke above and got upvotes. It’s all about FINESSE.

  14. Ronnie James Dio, Art Linkletter, Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper, and now Rue McClanahan. I guess it’s true what they say: famous people always die in…wait, how many was that?

  15. Just think, the next generation of nostalgia of driven kids will be eulogizing the ladies of Sex and the City. I will create a Kristin Davis to host SNL in 2035 on facebook immediately.

  16. I’m really confused right now. I am both terribly sad, and have an enormous lady boner.

  17. Contrary to what you might expect, Blanche was always my favorite.

    Thank-you for being a substitute southern grandmother for a wide-eyed 5-year old yankee gayboy, Rue. You’ll be missed.

  18. Gabe was just waiting for her to go so he could share that private footage he filmed when they were dating in the 1940′s.

  19. Same old hollywood story of a meteoric rise to sitcom fame followed by an equally meteoric languid downward spiral into peaceful old age and an eventual death from typical old age complications. Cliché.

  20. I grew up with the Golden Girls and still watch the show on dvd and it always puts me in a better mood. I used to want to be like Blanche..she made my 13 year old promiscuity okay! At least she’s in heaven with Sofia and Dorothy eating cheesecake on the clouds.

  21. Real talk, those girls have brought a hell of a lot of joy to my life. That show is better than any comfort food, and I hope that Betty White and the families of the others can take consolation in the fact that they will continue to be loved by so many. And now I need to stop before I start crying in the laundromat. Real talk.

  22. I know someone who was seated at a wedding reception next to Rue McClanahan a few years ago and said she was Blanche plus whiskey. So, I think that sentence suits her in real life, too! She will be missed.

    • meant this as a reply to the first comment regarding: “R.I.P. Rue McClanahan. You will be missed. You’re in heaven now, having an active, boisterous, and unapologetic sex-life with the angels.”

      • awe… to my knowledge, this is my first downvote. All because I accidentally posted a reply to someone else’s comment as a new comment and then realized my mistake and corrected myself. You’re right, downvoter, you deserve better.

  23. Yikes, Summer of Death ’10 is just getting right to business, I guess.

  24. So what your telling me is that Sex and the City Vs. The Golden Girls: Space Wars is NOT going to happen?

  25. I never got into the Golden Girls. I feel like I’m missing out on something great.

    • I think you could probably watch them now via netflix/dvd/syndication and still find them funny. Never too late to become a Golden Girls fan!

      • Golden Girls is on for about 8 hours a day, thanks to channels like We and the Hallmark channel, who may be racist, but are certainly not ageist. I don’t feel comfortable without at least ten episodes on my dvr.

  26. Aw. RIP, Rue McClanahan. She was my favorite Golden Girl. (Next to Betty White.) Thank you for being a friend.

  27. About 12 years ago there was a show called Safe Harbor on the WB and it was shot on location down the road from me. Rue Mclanahan was a cast memeber and she had bought a house within walking distance from the grocery store where I had my first after-school job. One day she came in and I bagged her groceries and carried them to her car. It was kind of neat.

    Also, Betty White:the Golden Girls :: Paul McCartney:the Beatles…. Let’s all pray for Ringo, you guys.

  28. thank Rue for being a friend….

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