Oh, great. Another politician in the pocket of the puppet industry. C is for CORRUPTION!

Just kidding. This is great. Look at Joe Biden, you guys! Total baller.

Now, let’s stuff those puppets in the hole in the ocean! (Photo via @daveitzkoff.)

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  1. Can you please have a ‘What’s Up With Joe Biden?” segment. Like, only once a year is fine.

  2. “This is a big fuzzy deal” – Joe Biden, probably.

    • “Now, let’s stuff those puppets in the hole in the ocean!” – Gabe, definitely

      “TWSS!” – Me, probably.

  3. There are no true friends in Washington, they’re all just trying to get their own cause addressed, Humana classifies a giant hole in your ass as a pre-existing condition.

  4. “This is a big fucking deal” – Joe Biden on realizing he was taking a picture with his hero, Super Grover

  5. Can you tell me how to get to Rruga Sesam? How about Sesamstrasse? Shit, I’m gonna be late.

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  7. You know what they say, every city gets the Supergrover it deserves, not the Supergrover it needs

  8. I can never tell the difference between actual Joe Biden and Jason Sudeikis Joe Biden

  9. “Politicians and puppeteers, always trying to stick a hand up somebody’s ass” – Rand Paul

  10. Who’s that new character in the blue dress? Was Cookie Monster’s enabler bitch of a wife finally revealed?

  11. I always knew sesame street had a liberal bias, and here’s the proof.

  12. This show was brought to you by the letter B (for big fucking deal) and the number 12

  13. Typical politician in the pocket of extra magical interest groups and adorable business.

  14. James Cameron learned about your plan to stuff muppets into the hole in the ocean,
    he offered to stuff his big fat head into it instead,
    but nobody at BP can figure out how to deflate his ego first.

  15. I hate to see Elmo up there. He is Sesame Street’s Chachi.

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