What a wonderful adventure! (Thanks for the tip, Austin.)

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  2. “He’s pretty.”
    -Steve Winwood

  3. Nerds + Time = Everything

  4. Phew, for a second there I thought the starfish didn’t make it THROUGH THE SUN.

  5. The whole time I was waiting for his Predators co-star, Topher Grace, to make an appearance.

  6. I like that his suit remains so neat and pressed even underwater

  7. This will be playing on a loop for the rest of my work day.

  8. Zeitgeist. nice.

  9. It’s only Wednesday, but I’m pretty sure my week will not get any better than this.

  10. Well I gave it a thumbs up. I can’t wait for presents and backrubs from mr brody… I wonder if he’ll get me one of those polanski t-shirts.

  11. They should have sent a poet.

  12. When I saw the headline “BRODYQUEST,” I was all excited to find out whatever happened to Adam Brody.

  13. everyone over at pitchfork is already peeing on their sleighbells LPs and building the obviously much more worthy bandwagon for BRODYQUEST.

  14. Well that was delightful.

  15. First, I was like,

    but then I was like

  16. did you guys see the highest rated youtube comment?

  17. You know what? This Adrian Brody guy should play the part of the lead singer in the hit early 90s band Black Crows assuming they ever make a little docu drama movie about that band. You know, the guy that dated Goldie Hawn’s daughter Kate Hudson? That guy.

  18. Was that Nicolas Cage playing a merman at 1:01?

  19. Why hasn’t anyone made this with Topher Grace yet?!

  20. I feel so worldly and well traveled! The Brodyquest has enriched my life with discovery and self understanding! Enlightenment!

  21. They should have had him walking an Afgan Hound.

    • I am usually a luddite when it comes to technology, and fear the world to come, but this gif might change that. I now look forward to a world where at every moment our lives are overlapped by technology, where gifs can be played right at any moment, regardless of having access to what we now consider computers and the Internet.

      What I am trying to say is this: I want a world where when I am about to make a decision, where I am alone and unsure, or where I feel the pressure of the group around me, I can look off to the side to find Bruce Lee, edging around a tree, his chest glistening, raising a single thumbs-up, framed against a waving, tattered flag waving.

  22. Does anyone know how I can make that song start playing EVERYWHERE IN MY LIFE?

  23. I can’t believe it’s been almost an hour and nobody’s photoshopped the Adrien Brody polar bears onto the island.

  24. I’m starting to think I just don’t understand Wes Anderson’s movies anymore

  25. 17th Summer jam of 2010?

  26. I don’t know why, but I sort of love this video. Maybe it’s the peppy music or how the star fish & space ship follow him to new screens. How could you not love this?

  27. (I post my first image with trepidation: I have seen so many dead links on this road.)

    At first I:

    but then I:

  28. i don’t know how that was the best thing ever, but it was. every time i was starting to get bored, it would suddenly become even better.

  29. I loved that so much.

  30. The viral marketing campaign for The Pianist sure did start late…

  31. On the Scales of Happiness in my life, this might not have moved the scales in happiness’s favor a lot, but IT DID move it some. And that’s all that really matters, right? Particularly around the :48 second mark, the scales move actually quite a bit!

  32. I didn’t know joy until now.

  33. This video was made by Neil Ciceraga, who is the creative mind behind The Potter Puppet Pals.

  34. I like the fact that he walks by the giant Eddie Murphy head and doesn’t even give it a glance. Stars, they’re just like us!

  35. We need an ‘elf yourself’ version. Everybody deserves to feel as great as Mr. Brody must feel watching this.

  36. Damn it, I thought the title was Birdiequest at first glance, but it was this asshole instead. I haven’t been this disappointed for weeks. Don’t pretend your dog hasn’t done something cute, Gabe, just get your damn camera rolling

  37. I would’ve gone with “Two-Thousand-AWESWOME: A Space Brodyssey”

  38. TBS, Very Brody

  39. How does he travel to different places at LIGHT SPEED?

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