The first full-length trailer for the new Michael Cera vehicle, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, based on the comic by Bryan Lee O’Malley, directed by Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz) was posted on-line this weekend, you guys:

For a split second you could feel the world shift as all the nerds nodded in unison. And why not?! It looks fun enough. Besides, wait for Michael Cera to not be so Michael Cera-y in one hand, and do something more likely in the other hand, and see which hand has more metaphor in it before the other hand. (Huh?)

Now, if this was some other blog, we would do a post titled “Who Are Your Seven Evil Exes?” and it would be an opportunity for everyone to share romantic horror stories in the comments. I suppose we would also have a sample list, as is the custom, filled with stock photography and dating archetypes. “The Bitch,” “The Party Girl,” etc. And hopefully it would get picked up by Digg unless had already done it first. But this isn’t that other blog. This is this blog. So we’re not doing that. Sorry.

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  1. I preferred the working title: Scott & Romona’s Infinite Hipster Magic

  2. This trailer is so good I could puke.

    • I know right? I don’t like Michael Cera and I know nothing about Scott Pilgrim and I have little tolerance for “alt” girls with pink hair, but I want to see this movie a lot.

  3. Fun fact: Every time Gabe puts up a post a little “BLOG!” effect pops up over the keyboard.

  4. I’m very EXcited.

  5. Being both a Smashing Pumpkins fan and a fan of comics, I should love Scott Pilgrim. But I just can’t get into it. I’ve read them all in hopes changing my mind, but no such luck.

    • I am not really into either of those things and I have heard various (usually stupid) reasons why I “wouldn’t get” Scott Pilgrim the comic, plus I’m too lazy to track it down, so I’ve never tried to read it. That said, this movie looks fun! On a scale of one to seven, I am five evil exes likely to see it!

  6. no matter how bad this movie looks I am seeing it becuase april from parks and Rec is in it.

  7. Hm. On the one hand, I want to see this because, yay Edgar Wright! On the other hand, Pink Hair Girl might be edging on Manic Pixie Dream Girl territory, which generally leads me to burst into flames of hate. On the third hand, its tagline is “An epic of epic epicness, which is pretty rad. On the fourth hand, I should really see a doctor because I think I might have too many hands.

  8. Seven Types of Evil Videogum Exes

    The Sorcerer
    Has an almost magical, seemingly infinite supply of wigs, a private island, and mystical eating habits but his inconsistent choice of roles baffled you, eventually causing your split.

    Nicholas Sparks
    Picks up a copy of It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken. “It’s what I write. It’s what I write.”

    The Ginger
    Pros: has a soul. Cons: A bit on the yelly side.
    What a baby!
    Violent J
    Smeared clown makeup all over your genitals during lovemaking, stank of Faygo, no comprehension of basic science.×627.jpg%3DN%26rlz%3D1C1CHMR_enUS325US325%26tbs%3Disch:1&ei=mjEFTJe0IMP-8Ab9_PChDQ
    The Robert Pattinson Body Pillow
    Is a pillow.
    The Topher.
    He never calls!

  9. I kind of want to say something in defense of, but I haven’t been there yet today and I don’t want to be like “I don’t think would make a list like that,” and then go to and read that list.

  10. This movie is ludicrous, as an evil ex I can assure you i would not fight anyone over my exes. I would be a really big dick about it, but that’s about it.

  11. Let me put it this way. If Edgar Wright had directed Sex and the City 2, I’d be at the midnight premiere.

    • i came so desperately close to seeing satc2 for the air conditioning yesterday. what kind of theater is playing only that movie?? in two theaters??

  12. I can relate since I had to fight all my current gf’s exes before I can date her, thankfully I’m apparently really good at fighting imaginary people

  13. Is Jason Schwartzman playing a grown-up version of Max Fischer in this one?

  14. I would be lying if I said I didn’t just put the opening night on my google calender.

    • Someone I know, who looks just like me and has the same “Fuck U You Fuckin’ Fuck” t-shirt might have taken August 13th off so he can see it.

  15. No thanks.

  16. This movie looks so good that it might make me revoke my Michael Cera Is Dead To Me vow.

  17. OMG! My evil ex is totally a “Miranda”. Oh, wait. We’re NOT doing that.

  18. I like that in the Scott Pilgrim universe, Amazon doesn’t outsource their deliveries.

  19. Full disclosure: this trailer gave me a huge nerd-boner.

  20. I’m excited, partly because Egg/Bland/Her is in it.

    • I have an intern who’s name I forgot and she’s been here for like two months now, so it’s kinda too late to ask, so I’ve been referring to her as “Egg” or “Plant” or “Bland” to my co-workers. Neither of them know what her name is either. I’m a horrible person.

  21. I was excited about the movie until I saw the tagline: “An epic of epic epicness”

    • For the record: I think that anybody who uses the words “epic”, “fail”, “pwn” or “win” in any sense other than the ones described in the Oxford English Dictionary (or, in the case of “pwn”, at all) is an annoying moron who should be made to take a vow of silence until they stop being such an idiot.

    • Someone needed to say it. Thank you.

      (Although I wasn’t excited about this movie at all, and the tagline just made me even angrier that this film got made at all.)

  22. I was scared when The Ting Tings started playing, but then Aubrey Plaza showed up, and I was happy again!

    • I knew a girl named Tings once. She was much better than the band’s dreck. I wanted to fall in love with her and tell her that everyone else was not Tings to me.

  23. In some cities, Amazon has a same-day delivery option (with outrageous fees), and I believe they have their own couriers for that, but I’m not sure.

  24. michael cera is starting to look alot like Beck

    i bet the biopic will have the word Loser in the title

  25. No amount of snarky internet snarkiness can make me not want to see this movie.

  26. Well, My first evil ex is a pig nosed English man from Trinidad. He was pretty cute but all he did was quote Jack or Karen! Guh! Once we made out in the zoo. hawt. right, guys? right?

  27. they’re called manic pixie girls, or something, right?
    yeah, i don’t don’t really care for those.

  28. So excited!
    Cause cause the comic takes place in Toronto and they filmed in it Toronto and two of my friends are extras in it and Michael Cera is from Brampton which is like Toronto’s bastard son and aw. Excited.


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