What a terrible weekend! I mean, on the one hand, what a great weekend! In New York, the weather was warm and the sun was shining. I went to so many barbecues it was ridiculous. It was like, “please, no more barbecues! Just kidding! See you tomorrow at the next barbecue!” But collectively, as a family, it was kind of a rough one. Dennis Hopper died. R.I.P. He is in heaven now, toasting to his fuck with the angels. Oh, and the “top kill” strategy to contain the gulf coast oil spill failed. That one was the real bummer (no offense to the family and friends of Dennis Hopper but we are kind of talking about the well being of the ENTIRE WORLD here). How do they decide the order in which to pursue their containment strategies? And also, since everyone was so pumped (pumped! Get it?) about the “top kill” thing, are we all supposed to feel so discouraged about the hopes of ever getting this thing under control, since something tells me the overwhelming enthusiasm for the “top kill” strategy means the subsequent strategies are not very good strategies? Yikes. See what I mean? Between the barbecues and ice cream cones, it was kind of a rough weekend, just in terms of, like, the sustainable future of human civilization.

But Tom Bosley knows that we’re not going to solve anything by just sitting around being fatsos. If we’re going to paint and fix the gulf coast, we’ve also got to exercise. Mind AND body, you guys. So put on your favorite pair of ill-fitting, dirty, gray sweatpants and lie down on the floor. For your health:

We’re back! (Thanks for the tip, Matthew.)

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  1. Goodbye grey sky, hello blue.
    There’s nothing can hold me when I hold you.
    Feels so right, it can’t be wrong.

  2. Nice movies there Mr. C, aaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. A crotchety complainer who thinks he’s funny is as essential to a work out class as ill-fitting spandex.

  4. At least Bosley’s smiling.

  5. If only King Koopa were here, he could help contain the spill by sending his unending army of attack squid to plug the hole.

  6. When is the look of very large brightly colored underwear worn on the outside of not as brightly colored spandex pants going to come back in style? I’m thinking it may be very soon… Hopefully.

  7. Ill-fitting?! I beg to differ. Just look at the way it accentuates his old man bulge.

  8. at exactly what age does pervertism become dirty-old-man syndrome?

  9. Justifiable Homicide, She Wrote.

  10. That clip jumped the shark at “never jerking”.

  11. Yay, I finally get to use the word callipygous!
    OK, here goes..

  12. What I learned over the holiday weekend:

    Alison Brie was in a web series last year called Hot Sluts. It’s probably something you want in your eyes.

  13. [IMG][/IMG]

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