Obviously, Insane Clown Posse is more than just hilariously ridiculous lyrics about magic magnets and pelicans eating cellphones, it’s also the childlike inability to rap, and the adolescent obsession with identity-hiding clown makeup, and the generally cavalier attitudes towards rape and murder. But you have to admit that hearing this song in the gentle shoegaze tones to which you might find yourself more accustomed makes the whole thing a little less make-funable. I have a feeling a lot of people are hearing this and are like, “whoops, turns out I love the song ‘Miracles’ kind of.” It’s OK. Mysteries ARE all around us. And the miracles, the magic miracles. NOW LET’S GET READY TO BARBECUEBALLLLLLLL! (Thanks for the tip, paperstreetsoap.)

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  1. Fuckin’ hipsters, how do they work?

  2. Well, now I really want to hear Sufjan’s cover of “Down with the Clown”.

  3. Shaggy 2 Twee

  4. look a ukulele

  5. Hey you got PBR in my Faygo

  6. They had time to do 7 takes of this, but not make a bed? Priorities!

  7. Gabe, please rap at these kids about cultural misappropriation. Because we know they are the wrong kind of clowns for this.


  9. Oh my god, I can’t tell if they thinking they are sincere or ironic? The removing of swears, the removal juggalos…the clapping and shout-alongs (side-note, those brough the song from sufferable to insufferable) which are so often such a sign of hipster folk bands being “sincere.”

    This reminds me of yesterday when the person I was looking at from behind and thought was a hipster woman was actually a homeless man (if I had been able to see that their laptop wasn’t a Mac, it would have been clear (yeah, at least one homeless dude in my town has a laptop).

  10. Wow! this summers gonna be a big one!

  11. nope. i still prefer earnest stupidity to ironic condescension.

  12. Urgh. Twee overdose.

    I just barfed up a flannel-clad beardy elf.

  13. I like the original better.

  14. These guys HAVE to read videogum, right? I mean, I remember some monster saying that if Sufjan sang the line about pelicans and the cellphone, we’d all think it was great. These guys had to have read that, right?

  15. This reminds me of a song that would play during an AT&T commercial.

  16. I hate hipsters but this was a good cover. It made it’s point. Here come the down votes.

  17. More proof that any group of white people greater than two cannot clap in rhythm in unison. (See also: Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings concerts.)

  18. Jesse Eisenburg sure seems happy to be in a band that really wants to be pomplamoosemusic.

  19. UGH GET UP ON THAT MIC GIRL! jeez. it can’t hear you when you’re reading your printed lyrics that you put so far away.

  20. Let’s get more jewharp up in this bitch.

  21. ICTwee.

    Yes? no.

  22. I don’t like it. Not one damn bit.

  23. The music snob in me is coming out, i’m sorry, i can’t help it, can’t hold it back aaany looongeeerrrrr…..THAT’S NOT SHOEGAZE IN ANY WAY!!
    okay. don’t care if gabe was joking, just had to let that out.

  24. Fucking mixing boards, how do those work?

  25. Pomplamoose does this shit way better:


  26. Warning: Don’t mix Faygo and PBR

  27. They could use a little brushing-up on their rhythm skillz. Maybe the RA could arrange for a dorm program for that, where like, the floor could all get together on a Tuesday evening and have a good clap session.

  28. I guess I’m going to ‘gum hell for this one, but I enjoyed this lots.

    • I’m with you and hit_girl. Maybe because I don’t live in BRKLN and have to put up with hipsters singin on the corner e-very day? I dug it, but I also dug the original. When I first saw Miracles on here, I thought “Wow, I actually like an ICP song, maybe I’m growing up?”

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