“Shutterbugs” video, you guys:

Big Boi would probably be kind of a bad dad, I guess. But still. What he would lack in fishing trips and games of catch and teaching me how to shave and nightly bedtime stories (things I still definitely do with my dad all the time for sure), he would make up for in being AN AWESOME RAPPER WHO MAKES FUN VIDEOS OF HIS COOL SONGS JUST IN TIME FOR THE SUMMER. And even if he was on the road all the time, and forgot to call me on my birthday because the strip club was having a 2-for-1 deal in the Champagne Room, I bet he would still be proud of me. I love you, Big Dad! (Via TheAwl.)

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  1. Isn’t that a rip off of the Hostel 2 movie poster?

  2. Gabe saying he wishes Big Boi was his dad is like me saying I wish notsewfast was my dad.

  3. Shutterbugs was my fav Rodney Dangerfield and Jonathan Brandis movie.

  4. Music would be a completely different thing today if everyone were using vocoders instead of autotune. It would be much, much better!

  5. Gabe, don’t lie, Big Boi IS your dad.

  6. Not only do I adore this video, but I super-love it whenever people call it the “clink”.

  7. I would prefer Andre 3000 to be my dad since he wears cool outfits

    And when I’m like daddy I want to dress up like a velociraptor for the first day of school he can’t really say no since he wears crazy things all the time

  8. The real Shutterbugs approve.

  9. Is that Franklin on bass?! Nice to see him getting work after AD.

  10. Very cool. Very fun. Very dad.

  11. Big Boi: Hey, is the set from Metallica’s “Unforgiven II” video still available?

    Producer: I’m sure we can dig it up.

    Big Boi: Nice. Now get me the special effects guys from TRON and some video hoes. Let’s shoot this bitch.

    • i have this suspicion that this whole thing was written, recorded, shot, and edited all in the same day.

      producer: what? tron? puppets? your body keeps exploding? mr. boi, that makes no sense.

      big boi: there’s no time to make sense! i have my kids softball game at eight! let’s go!

  12. (I think it’s just “Shutterbug” singular, but it’s hard not to pluralize it when it’s the FUNNEST THING EVER)
    cf. “Slips Ands Slides”

  13. Top Notch! These ‘hip-hop’ artistias might ‘catch’ on. Uh, I’m ‘down-wit-it’?
    (adjusts cravat, consults pocket-watch, checks barometric pressure)

  14. This song.

    Is. Awesome.

  15. So, since we’re talking about Big Boi and his alterego (?) Sir Lucius Leftfoot, I might as well post Janelle Monáe’s video for “Tightrope”, because I bring it up in real life no matter how tangentially it is connected to the current subject, because I am so in love with it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwnefUaKCbc

  16. Man, I can figure this out I just need a little help:


  17. My favorite parts of this song are the “buggabuggabuggabuggabuggbugg” under it and also that guitar thing that goes bwewdewbwewdewbwenewnewbwewdwew and also “or bring ‘em BACK TO LIFE, BACK TO REALITY”. Those are my favorite parts. Okay, bye

  18. Is anyone else thirsty for some Crown Royal? I wish I could figure out why…

  19. “I Love you Big dad!” i find this rather funny as i called my grandpa ‘Big Dad’ until I was about 14, and there can only be one! i guess Big Boi is pretty awesome…but my grandpa is 70 and still kicking ass! Ya burnt boi!

  20. its sad franklin wasnt available to perform in this video ( *funky voice – COME ON!)

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