Urlesque tracked down “Fast Eddie,” the boob-slapping wedding DJ from the “Worst Wedding DJ EVER” video, who seems to be enjoying the attention and success that lewd acts of aggressive misogyny bring. What an awful person!

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  1. He’ll never be as good as you, Gabe

    • I’ve been fighting sleep all morning at work (either taking benedryl non-stop all week for allergies or getting up at five am was a bad idea). I’ve tried loads of coffee, getting up alot, cold water on the face, but the exhaustion, eyes falling shut, and head nodding has continued, unrelentingly. Thank you, thank you notsewfast, for adding fear, horror of the nightmare that lies ahead in the dreamscape, to my arsenal of sleep prevention.

      • Dear God,

        Please forgive me for spelling a lot as one word. It is a terrible sin which ashames me, for I know better. I will be nice to children and puppies for always, and I will continue my devotion to the serial comma, keep all of my hyphenation usage consistent, calmly and caringly correct people who misuse irony, and strive to always correctly use who and whom correctly.

        PT Smith (Age 24)

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      • I don’t see what the big deal is PT

        • [K]ill ‘em all! Start over! The experiment didn’t work! Rain 40 days, please fucking rain to wash these turds off my fucking life! Wash these wastes of human flesh and bone off this planet! I pray to you, God, to kill these fucking people!

          -Nick Madsen

  2. Camera + Youtube + slapping around some random ladies tits at a public event = FAME

    The equation has finally been solved.

  3. Links go the same place?

  4. So wait, is there supposed to be a link to Urlesque in this article? Because both of those links go to the original Vgum article on the DJ.

  5. Bob Boobslapper Posted:

    I tease and joke around a lot. I always have something silly to say. I wasn’t aware of me being taped and the wedding was actually over at the time this had happened. The bride and groom had left–there were just a bunch of drunks hanging around–and we were wrapping things up. I didn’t mean any disrespect to the young lady. She’s a friend of mine. We’re not a couple, but we’ve been friends for years. She helps me out a bit when I do weddings. To be honest, when someone told me what I did at that wedding, I didn’t even remember it. It wasn’t rehearsed or planned. I’ve always been that way.


  6. Why are we punishing his attitude, instead of praising his rhythm?

  7. My favorite part of the urlesque piece:

    “I believe I’ve got a legal issue with the gentleman that took my video,” says Eddie. “I was paid for one show and not the others and somebody has to get paid and it wasn’t me. In the long run, he’s going to be in a lot of deep s**t over it.”

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