Oh man, you guys. Last night’s ‘Gum Bowl was a total success. Maybe TOO successful? There will be lots of photos and videos up on the ‘Gum Bowl page in the days to come, because if there is one thing about having genuine human experiences, you have to capture them IN DETAIL, otherwise they NEVER HAPPENED. Also exclusive tweets? Because that’s a thing now? The point is we did it. And the point is that this Photobomb is seriously what my head feels like right now. Total Dwayne Johnson Photobomb cup. OOOOOOOF. Blogs! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’? It’s quiche lorraine, and it smells marvelous!

  2. I think the bigger star in this picture is that Christmas cardigan.

  3. The Rock’s presence almost diverted my attention from the dodgy cardigan and the maracas… seriously, what is going on here?

  4. Bonus photobomb by Thing from The Addams Family.
    (Solid pop culture reference from 19-shitty-5)

  5. you know those “what celebrity do you look like” websites where you plug in your photo and they’re all “you look like this beautiful person”? well, i did one, and got the rock. i am a 120 pound white girl. i do, however, think he is hot, so, um, yay?

  6. I never thought I’d be doing a versus comparison between the two, but here goes…. who would win in a photobomb contest between the Rock and Stephen Hawking:

  7. Bottle service VIP room ain’t what it used to be.

  8. Why these two women are blocking our view of the Rock doing his version of “D!ck in a Box” I will never know…

  9. So, I may never get another chance to bring this up, because The Rock is an old man and celebrity fades. But one of the most important discoveries I made while living in Russia was that the word “Durock” coincidentally means “Idiot”. It has been this way forever, long before Dwayne came up with the idea at least (check Dostoevsky for proof). and since there is no article “the” in their language the question “Do you smell what Durock is cooking?!” is the funniest phrase ever to use in Russian.

  10. I rare BOTH EYEBROWS RAISED from Dwayne Therock Johnson: I smell Oscar!

    (my cat)

  11. classic bonehead! oh, in australia we call them boneheads. or maybe that’s just me.

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