It is a really nice face, so it makes sense that he was getting the word out there about it.

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  1. I SUPPOSE it’s a nice face, if you’re into Liz Lemon’s sloppy seconds.

  2. I like when he sits down and Ellen is like “Hello Handsome” and he is ALMOST like, “You too!”

  3. Hooks Crossed!

  4. you know, id really like him to play captain america. you know, with his contempt for women and disdain for sharing water fountains with minorities.

  5. God. What I wouldn’t give to put my mouth on his mouth.

  6. It’s not odd that little kids play with a Don Draper doll? There have been worse dolls.

  7. Maybe Jon Hamm should play the Oil Spill… It would still be a disaster, but a HANDSOME disaster!

  8. He was Erin from the Office’s TEACHER? Woah.

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