The cool thing about this show is how many people it must have taken to make it. So much work goes into creating a cartoon, with writers, illustrators, low-paid Korean animators, voice actors, etc. There were just dozens and dozens of people who spent hours taking The Legend of the Hawaiian Slammers from dream to reality. Very neat! Very pogs!

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  1. Whatever happened to all my pogs? and my bowel cut for that matter…. At least we still have pizza!

  2. or…bowl cut. gross.

  3. I kid you not, I was just watching this clip on the YouTubes, then I downloaded this blog and saw it had just been posted here. CREEPYGUM!

  4. I had slammers that actually had indentions for your index and middle fingers to give you a better grip for better slamming. Even at 10 I knew that was beyond stupid.

  5. Sun Slammer appears to be wearing a woman’s bustier that only partially covers his abdomen.

  6. At very least, Its good to see Copper Cab getting work.

  7. Is this part of the extra LOST finale footage that’s going to be on the DVD?

    • Smoke Monster broke Lapidus guitar!

    • DAMN IT! I saw this earlier on Everything Is Terrible and was like “Oh look it’s every bit as great as LOST.”

      But “topknot” beat me to the joke. Damn… Might as well go back to bed since my day is ruined

    • When Ronnie fell in the bamboo forest at the end I was just waiting for a dog to come along side him for comfort as he moved on to pog heaven.

      • Oh, that was bamboo? I thought it was corn! Up to that point I was enjoying the movie, but then I thought they put a cornfield in Hawaii and I was like, “Naw, this is too unrealistic….”

        Thanx, Stu! Now I can enjoy this moviefilm again!

  8. 2Everything2Terrible2:Tokyo Drift is playing in Chicago at Music Box Theatre on July 1st. SLAMMERS UNITE!

  9. Watching this made me shudder. As a kid, I always felt so let down on Saturday mornings. You suffer through school all week to watch cartoons in your pajamas, then all you get is Slammers.

  10. Ok so I need to get something off of my chest:
    I bought a ton of pogs and was into them when I was a youth and looking back I have no idea why I got into that crap. I kinda was aware of the basic outline – I knew it was some Hawaiian shit, and had to do with broke ass kids playing with the cardboard inserts in the milk caps or some such, and it morphed into slammers and pogs and tournaments and boards and officially licensed pog mats…
    I had all that shit. I had a star slammer that was a beast, that I called the Beast, because it pretty much pwnd any and all stacks. I was told by my friends that A – no more playing for keeps, and B – no more of the beast, because it was just SUCH a frickin beast.

    I also had the Official Tournament Board, that I got because I thought we were going to have an official tournament with my friends. But we never did. And this wasn’t the little pad (though there was a little pad on top of the main POG STAGE) this was the full deal.

    And This guy’s collection of pogs and slammers? PShhhh!
    I had like 7 Tall Tubes of Pogs, 2 short stacks of slammers, and a selection of specialty slammers I can’t even talk about anymore.

    Me and my brother played pogs, and when I got done with the whole trend, I gave them to the brother. Along with my Baseball Cards. They were promptly lost, destroyed or neglected. So there you go.

    Look, all I’m sayin is, when Gabe says Pogs, I feel it in my soul.

    • I think I still have a slammer somewhere – probably tucked in the shoebox that houses all of my 6th grade love notes and pez dispensers. I’m pretty sure the craziest one I had was brass and like an inch think and had a hologram grim reaper on it. If I could find it, I would probably glue it to my white ’98 Dodge Neon as a hood ornament. Represent.

    • What do you do with Pogs? I don’t really get it.

    • mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on May 25th, 2010 +10

      I had about the same size collection as you and I think it’s still in my parents’ garage. Not only that, I actually own a copy of this video. I rarely played the “game” though. It was a pretty fucking stupid game that wasn’t actually very fun. (Spaceprophet, you basically set up a stack of pogs and try to flip them over by slamming a slammer into them, and whoever flips the most wins). As the trend was dying, I remember the various manufacturers caught in an arms race to make bigger and heavier slammers in a desperate attempt to save their livelihoods until they were giant slabs of iron that could be used as weapons.

    • I had Jurassic Park pogs! Talk about the 90′s. I also had absolutely no idea how to play pogs. But I liked them because they were shiny.

  11. Why are all the Hawaiian slammers white?

  12. These slammers are making me thirsty!

  13. And of course-

    In England they call slammers ‘lorries’.

    “How do I find the lorries?”
    “Don’t think about it. Just DO it.”


  14. The “voice actor” playing that kid is clearly Canadian. I always felt cheated when Canadians with obvious Canadian accents were playing non-Canadian characters. I love Canadians! But I don’t like Big Hollywood trying to fool me with its off-brand Canadian imitations.

    • AH-HAH! That explains so much! I always get unnecessarily worked up when I hear voice actors “soh-ree” instead of “saw-ry”. At first, I thought it was cute – but I couldn’t figure out what sort of english speaking land these people came from that made sorry sound like a completely different word. CANADIANS. So much sense.

      I hope for a The Legend of the Canadian Slammers for your country one day.

  15. I am no expert on Scientology but I’m pretty sure they believe the Slammers living in volcanoes storyline too.

  16. Was anyone else sad when Shadow Slammer broke the guitar? I was sad…

  17. should i be embarrassed that i knew it was about pogs as soon as i saw the word ‘slammers’?

  18. So lemme get this straight — this was sort of like American Pokémon, but with little cardboard juicebottle disks instead of goofy figurines?

  19. “My pleasure…NOT!”

    My boyfriend has the best manners.

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