The entirety of Comedy Central’s library of stand up specials has been added to Netflix and is available for instant streaming. No joke.

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  1. A glaring omission: Nick Madson

  2. Needs more Nick Madson.

  3. Jeff Dunham is hopefully on there, pray to God (who is Jesus and no other)

  4. personally i’m just glad to see my favorite comedians are represented. what would a comedy central special marathon be without carlos mencia and dane cook.

  5. I’m gonna watch 4 hours of Andrew Dice Clay and then go tell myself that the reason I’ve never had sex because I’m ‘too real’, not the hair, the studded leather jacket, the orange tan, or the pre-occupation with dick jokes.

  6. Zach Galifianakis: alphabetical order is not your friend.

  7. Thank you Videogum.

  8. Shaking and crying.

  9. “Page Not Found” ???? How does this internet thing work again?

  10. Great — now instead of memorializing those who died while serving in the military, I will be spending the entire weekend in front of my computer. Thanks a lot, Netflix!

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