And, of course, right after last night’s episode, Jimmy Kimmel presented some “hilarious” alternate Lost endings and ruined everything. Boo.

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  1. Such a shame that Lost is tied down to Jimmy Kimmel because of the network its on. You can imagine what they could do with someone with some real talent like Jay Leno. “The Island is really a stain on Monica Lewinski’s dress!”

  2. Consider me shocked that the man, at least partially, responsible for Andy Milonakis has a terrible sense of humor

  3. The island is Keyser Söze

  4. I think I saw Jimmy Kimmel do a funny thing…once or twice…

  5. I thought the Sopranos and Newhart ones were pretty funny…

  6. It’s all Vincent’s dream!
    I was unfortunately introduced to Kimmel’s show a few years ago when Kate was a guest (back before I hated her). He wasn’t funny then and he isn’t funny now.

  7. On the sideways-universe of this, has anyone seen Jimmy Fallon’s 7-part LOST parody ‘L A T E’? It was pretty goll-darned hysterical.

  8. Also, could the set have been any more awkward? “Hey, Jack, lean against this giant oil can. Acclaimed actor, Harold Perrineau, take a load off, also upon a giant oil can. What’s that Emile de Ravin? You’re in a Garanimals dress? Walk through some sand and have a seat on this old box.” Genuine class, Kimmel et al.

  9. lol remember when Kimmel and Matthew Fox were saying how the whole show could be about Jack’s journey? I guess Jack is just a solipsist? What an egocentric waste of a show.

  10. OK> No one is going to read this now but, BOB NEWHART SHOULD HOST SNL! Amirite?? Where has this guy been? He’s quite funny. Make it so Internet!

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