An entire Tumblr dedicated to angry posts about how awful Shrek is as covert viral marketing for MacGruber is exactly how viral marketing should be done. This is the kind of thing they’re going to be teaching your futurekids in hover-business school at Brawndo University.

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  1. Shrek associates himself with known assholes:

  2. Shrek will be attending midnight screenings of Marmaduke and Eat Love Pray

  3. Watching this was all I needed to realize that Shrek was awful:

  4. The MacGruber ad during Community where they were said community colleges weren’t real colleges (or something? I think? I was half-listening) was weird, though?

    • If by “weird”, you mean “hilarious”, then yeah. It was really weird.

      • Fair enough! It came across [to me] as more mean than funny, but again: I wasn’t really engaged.
        Just a heads up to them, though, that they may be losing the coveted half-listening demographic.

        • I went to a community college for a little bit (it was seriously a great school), and for some reason community college jokes never fail to crack me up. It’s all in good fun, I guess.

  5. Shrek thinks “MacGruber” surprisingly looks pretty funny, but his wife thinks it looks dumb so he’ll probably have to wait for it on DVD.
    Oh, wait, no, that’s me.

  6. Shreck = Dreck.

  7. MacGruber totally surpassed all my Shrekspectations

  8. I’m taking a degree in electrolytes at Brawndo University. It’s got what plants crave!

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