With all of the excitement surrounding the Lost series finale this Sunday, we might as well have some fun with it, yes? Maybe! And with this timely party game, we can play it for days. Cooool! Five days, to be exact. On Monday, this game is OVER. But the best part is, you don’t even have to leave the rave. That’s why they call it a party game! This one is very easy to play and VERY stupid.

Lost movies. So:

  • Locke Who’s Coming To Dinner
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Paranormal Island
  • Sayidways
  • The Bad News Polar Bears
  • Driveshafting Miss Daisy
  • Smoke Monsters Inc.

Dumb. Much like the show to which this game is a tribute, there is a very decent chance that this is going to end badly. GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Smoke Monster’s Ball

  2. Sideways to the Future

  3. Clairespray

  4. Castaway

  5. Locke, Doc, and 2 smoking monsters

  6. Kate Heads In A Duffle Bag, which is the most aspirational #lostmovies I could muster

  7. Roman Faraday

  8. Charlie and the Heroin Factory

  9. Jakes on a Plane

  10. Tuesdays with Hurley

  11. Dude, When is the Island?

  12. One Woman and a Squirrel Baby

  13. Smoke Monsters of Folk

  14. Flight 815 of the Navigator

  15. Dr Faraday or: How i learned to stop worrying and love the time traveling island

  16. Being John Locke

  17. The Island

  18. When the Wild Things Are

  19. Letters to Dr. Juliet Burke

  20. Dude, where my continuity?

  21. The Curious Case of Benjamin Linus (lots of people have done this one on Twitter, including myself).

  22. losty the snowman

  23. The Curious Case of Benjamin Linus

  24. Stir of Ekos

  25. Hurley Sue

  26. Get Him to the Creek

  27. Lost in Translation

  28. The lives of The Others

  29. Sisterhood of the Time-Traveling Pants

  30. Say-id like Beckham (sorry)

  31. Honey I Lost the Kids

  32. Steve, if you want to say “Stop Making Sense,” this is the time to do it.

  33. Lost: The Movie

    Am I doing this right?

  34. Fried Green Dharma Tomatoes

  35. Plutonio and Juliet

  36. The Blind Sayid

  37. Fantastic Mr. Eko

  38. No Country for Old Ben

  39. My Lost Friend’s Girlfriend

  40. Fishbiscuit

  41. Dog Day AfterBoone

  42. Man in Black and Man in Black 2 and now Man in Black 3 (starring Jemaine Clement)

  43. Ferris Bueller’s Day Lost

  44. James Ford and the Giant Peach

  45. O Brotha, When Art Thou?

  46. Private Benjamin

  47. To Kill a Polar Bear

  48. Good Morning Vietnamaste Guy

  49. When Hurley Met Libby

  50. Lost of the Mohicans

  51. Faradazzed & Confused

  52. Rosemary’s Voodoo Goat Baby

  53. My Left foot (is no longer paralyzed)

  54. Casafranka

  55. Schindler’s Lost

  56. Boonedock Saints

  57. Charlotte’s Web of Confusing Space-Time

  58. Arztbreakers

  59. The Writers Must be Crazy

  60. Desmond pushing the Benjamin Button? Wikipedia isn’t helping me too much with this show that I don’t watch…

  61. Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade (thank you last night’s Lost themed trivia night at rando bar).

  62. Alockealypse Now

  63. Claire and Present Danger

  64. The Day 2 years ago in an alternate reality after tomorrow

  65. Up in Smoke Monster

  66. Man in Black

  67. The Kate Austen Book Club (oi…)

  68. Driveshaft: The 3D Concert Experience

  69. The Never-Resolving Story

  70. Kwon Air

    • I’m sorry, but It doesn’t seem to be allowing me to upvote this ONE ZILLION times. Forget that baby above you, you are a winner in my eyes.

  71. 3 Men and The Baby in Black

  72. The Worst Movie Of All Time

  73. How to Train Your Desmond

  74. Planes, Trains, Smokemonsters and Submarines

  75. The Blood Desmond

  76. Kate & Lostopold. Sadly, the part of my brain that puns could only come up with this.

  77. No Country for Old Lapidus

  78. Kwon-tum Leap

  79. American History IV VIII XV XVI XXIII XLII

  80. Jin-Soo All the Way

  81. U-4 8 15 16 23 42

    (it’s about a submarine, you guys!)

  82. Mr. Echo Park

  83. The Hurt Locker

  84. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  85. “We have to go back Kate!” and Leopold

  86. Walk the Linus

  87. Hatch Adams

  88. How to Train Your Dogan

  89. Lost Needs Translation

    The Good, The Bad, and the Kate

    O Jacob Where Art Thou?

    Jacob vs. The Volcano

    • I don’t watch the show, but wikipedia says that’s a character. So if it’s not, it’s totally wikipedia’s fault.

    • Plagiarist commentator!

      • Has anyone here seen Soderbergh’s The Informant!? This is kinda spoilery, but there’s this scene towards the end where Matt Damon’s Mark Whitacre is completely engulfed in his web of lies. Everybody knows he lies about everything – his wife, his FBI confidants and now the entire country. So Whitacre’s sitting in his living room with his wife and Scott Bakula. He keeps telling lies and even though he knows that they know, he just can’t stop. It’s all he knows. At one point, his wife says “Mark why do you do this to yourself? It’s over. Just stop.” But he can’t. It’s a really sad scene.

        I kinda feel like we’re at that scene in The Steve Winwood Story.

        • That sounds like a TERRIFIC movie. You are one lucky face of death, guy

          • Jokes aside, Steve, it is a terrific movie. You should see it if you are good at liking good things.

          • I heard that movie was boring, guy. Last great movie I saw was this homemade documentary called Prodigal Son (I give that one five stars, guy). Look it up and decide for yourself if this is the right movie for you, friend. It is one of those movies that hits hard and you can either weep or laugh so I opted to laugh, sport. It is greatness, fella.

            Last Matt Damon movie I saw was that one where he is in Iraq and the US government is bad and the chick from the Wire, the waterfront cop chick, is a journalist. BORING! Matt Damon = Captain Boring Caveman, IMHO, bro.

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