Vulture is reporting that Carrie Bradshaw’s trademark MacBook has been replaced in Sex and the City 2: The Cradle Of Death with an HP laptop. Whaatttttttttt?!?!?!??! But that movie looked so gooooooood!!!!! This changes everythinngggggggg!!!!?!?! I’m assuming, of course, that Carrie Bradshaw will still have her trademark being the worst?

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  1. That whore!

  2. whaaatt… I don’t believe such blatant product placing would ever occur in such a serious movie. I want my money back.. or a free laptop.

  3. But this is GREAT news! Now that scene where she and Aidan were declared incompatible because she is a Mac and he is a PC is no longer valid, and they can finally be happy together!

  4. Let me break it down for you nerds. This is the equivalent of Sam Raimi deciding that Peter Parker would have organic webbing. You’re welcome.

    • nope. still don’t get it. Could you explain it using pseudo-Victorian Steampunk references?

      • Hmm, I could Try:

        Gadzooks!(monocle falls out of left eye)
        Has Miss Bradshaw discovered that her frilly pretty dress gets caught in the spokes of her pretty pink pennyfarthing?

        Perhaps a spoke-garde covering the nasty entangling spokeness will save the day!

        (polishes spats, puts on top-hat, and split-tail coat, runnnnns out the door with spoke-garde underarm)

        Of course she could do like the chicks in the day, and just put some damn pants on.


  5. With all the multi-touch gestures Apple has been integrating into their touch pads the past couple years, Carrie has been having an increasingly poor user experience due to her hooves only having one input point.

  6. “sex and the city” ruins everything!

  7. I’m just glad she’s finally acting her age; Goodbye Gucci, hello Kohl’s.

  8. “If switching my computer, the one steady relationship in my life, was so easy, why isn’t changing boyfriends/husbands easier? If we upgrade to a computer with more memory does that mean we can carry around all the old documents and baggage from our past? Should we transfer files or will the merging of the old and new make the new HP computer run slower and ultimately crash. Is love even fucking real?

    -The beginning of Sex in the City 2.

    (I know, It probably needs about 4 more horrible questions to accurately reflect a typical Sex in the City script.)

  9. To be fair, this is probably important news to crazy people. Let’s be fair here!

  10. You nerds better hope that when Lost ends, its stars can find work and aren’t forced into a movie version of their glory days. RIP SATC, the tv show that was good.

  11. I have a HP computer, does this mean I can become a famous sex columnist, since those exist and all

  12. It’s cause Steve Jobs is trying to keep porn off ipads and macs in general. Carrie Bradshaw watches so much porn.

  13. Well, now I’m not watching it.


  15. No matter how long I hold down Ctrl Alt Delete I cannot force quit her.

  16. We’re not in Mackansas anymore. (Sorry.)

  17. I’m more worried about the computer that terry bradshaw is gonna be using, in Failure to Launch Too: Again.

  18. “We felt the Sex and the City movie was being over-marketed,” said Apple. “Relentlessly targeting a demographic group to the point of inundation is simply not our style,” also said Apple.

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