Entourage season 7 promo, you guys:

Oh please tell me that they drive off that cliff. I think if someone just tells them that there is some decent weed at the bottom of the cliff, I bet they will drive off it. Turtle’s usually the driver, right? (I like how I asked that as if I haven’t paid for the definitive answer to that question with my own eye-blood.) Hey, Turtle, there’s a woman in a wheelchair who wants to give you a handjob in a Dunkin Donuts bathroom, and her deaf sister thinks Johnny Drama is cute, at the bottom of that cliff. A handjob is a handjob, right, Turtle? Oh, and since you’re heading down there, E’s muddling, exhausting, unimportant relationship with Sloane that no one cares about is at the bottom of the cliff, too. Hop in, E! They’ll drop you off! Oh, hi Ari, yeah, you should definitely get into the car. Your disgustingly homophobic insults that are not at all funny but are definitely gross that you violently use against your assistant Lloyd in your screamiest voice are at the bottom of the cliff. You’re definitely going to want those, right?! Get in the car! And I know Vince will get in the car because he’s got NOTHING ELSE PLANNED FOR TODAY AS USUAL. OK, here we goooooo! Crash. Shrug. (Thanks for the tip, Matt.)

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  1. You’re like Turtle, or Johnny Drama, or E…..man that show is sloppy.
    - a genius

  2. What’s funny is that that was an entire episode.

    • Really – just how lazy do you have to be to call a slow-mo montage of that bunch of nutsacks staring moodily into the distance while wearing sunglasses a “season promo”?

  3. Oops, i keep forgetting to watch this show ever.

  4. Those are some big Aviators, Johnny Drama…

  5. If you’d never seen the show and viewed this, you could fully expect a final title card to read simply ‘Assholes’.

  6. uh lets try this…….They all carry pictures of themselves in their wallets?

  7. Yep. Not good at all. The funky kick at the end was very not good. I did not enjoy it.

    I did really enjoy the song though. It’s a good song. Yay Foals!

  8. Mandy Moore used to play herself on that show. She’s really great. They should hire her.

    • I am uncomfortable with the idea of Mandy Moore spending so much time around those dudes. I’ve never seen the show but they all seem like garbage people. And Mandy Moore, she’s all right.

  9. I hate these people and this show. The only reason to watch is for the nudity. Am I right or am I right? I’m wrong aren’t I? There is sadly no reason to ever watch this show…

  10. This has been nominated for 24 EMMY AWARDS, yet Boy Meets World, my gold standard, was nominated for 0. Just sayin

  11. Apparently this is something that no one might be interested in.

  12. tough to tell with all that jump cutting, but I’m pretty sure they all had “POLANSKI” shirts on.

  13. I haven’t cared about this show since three (4? 5?) seasons ago, but hasn’t that been the plot of the show all along, having it all and oops, what’s next is acting like a douchebag?

  14. They drive off the cliff…. where they land on Steven Spielberg’s new yacht, and he has a great part for Vince in his new movie!

    • Also there are a bunch of naked ladies on the boat.

    • They drive off a cliff and set off a nuclear bomb that causes an alternate universe where the personalities of E and Vince join into one person that is really into denim while Turtle’s and Drama’s personalities form together into a friend for alt-universe E-Vince, and together they show us “How To Make It In America”. Oh and for some reason they are friends with Kid Cudi.

  15. I can’t watch this show. Mostly because I’m a lady and, ew, these dudes are annoying as shit.

  16. Entourage stands in for Oasis’ new album promo. Actually, wait. Oasis wouldn’t have touched each other that much. Pause.

  17. That is most definitely a question that everyone in this economy wants answered.

  18. This is like a Men’s Warehouse ad.

  19. I didn’t realize sex in the city was still on the air and also when did they get sex changes?

  20. When I have it all I’m going to follow it up the only way I know how; with a cleverly edited flying kick.

  21. this sums up the show pretty well.. “we’re just guys standing around doing stuff.” – Season 7

  22. So, season 7 is all about how they were driving somewhere, but then they stopped? Then they all stood around the car for days and days, just chatting? I guess they must start getting hungry, and sun burnt eventually. Probably the season ends with their skeletal corpses littered around the car?

  23. I’m definitely beginning to believe Jeremy Piven’s mercury poisoning story.

  24. I thought one of them was going to hold up a t-shirt that says “POLANSKI”

  25. Entourage: now with more aviator glasses and terrible music.

  26. I think the director just didn’t have any ideas. “Uhhhh yeah let’s park a nice car here….over LA…YEAH! That’ll look good. Now, uh, you guys, just…hang out. Yeah? Yeah……shit it’s been almost a minute…Hey guy? Good-looking guy with stubble? Just…do….a kick? Sure. A kick.”

    I wonder how much this cost.

  27. i actually get paid to make shit like this, only i would never make something this shitty. laziest…promo…ever.

  28. Cannot manage another season of apathetic interest in Entourage.

  29. What a fucking pointless piece of video. I can’t believe they’d insult my intelligence by thinking I want to watch a show based on seeing some guys standing around looking like assholes.

  30. The thing that fascinates me about this show, and the reason I still watch it, even though at this point it literally pains me to do so, is the idea that this lifestyle is still considered ideal by the show. Any “struggles” that occur have nothing to do with figuring out that there is something more important than this lifestyle, they all involve finding ways to maintain it. It’s been six years, and Vince hasn’t grown or even developed as a character. He still has models throwing themselves at him, leading to a quick scene of him watching, bored, as she rides him(facing away from him, always). Six years of what we’re led to believe are pretty much daily hookups, yet no pregnancy or std scares, no broken-hearted girls confronting him, no indication whatsoever that this is anything but just super, everyone! Lloyd has just proved that if you endure years of sexual harrasment and racism from your boss, he’ll give you your dream job. And congratulations to E, who finally managed to stalk Sloane until she loved him(a little harsh, but not too harsh). So I guess the point is, the key to happiness is to be a selfish prick. Unless you’re gay or a woman, in which case, just stay submissive, girlfriend!

  31. THey used the tagline from Paul Reiser’s new show, right?

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