People have brought into question whether or not the Internet sensation surrounding that sixth grader covering Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” was manufactured by a record label to promote an unknown artist they’d already signed. Honestly, whether it is fake or real, I give up. The Internet can find its own way home.

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  1. Thank GOD they asked a proper Social Media Expert to weigh in on this issue. I am television news and I can only speak in cliches!

  2. I knew no 12 year old could have hair that perfectly coiffed without some sort of guidance

  3. Is everyone excited about LOST tonight? Gilligan’s Island meets Dr. Who in a final confrontation.

  4. Greyson Chance may be fake, but the total and utter indifference on blonde-girl-right-under-the-microphone’s face is definitely real. Nobody can fake that much apathy, not even a record label.

  5. I suspect that the video itself is real, but the rumors that it is fake are, themselves, fake rumors, planted by the record company to spread the word that he has been signed to their label.

    I think I just blew my own mind there.

  6. No matter what, this kid has the right idea!

    I’m going to get a contract on the national rodeo circuit by competing in the steeplechase on the world’s smallest pony.

  7. Great. Now Youtube commenters are going to be insufferable.

  8. BTW, that link isn’t a news item. It’s an interview with a middle-aged man with a theory. They should call my dad; he has some very interesting insights into the 86 Bears.

    • The 46 defense was revolutionary and unstoppable. But it is ineffective today because of the salary cap. I’m not sure why colleges don’t use it thought. I guess it may be viewed as unsportsmanlike. Also now I know why Gabe was sad; Justin Gaga was a fake. This is sadder than when I found out Andy Milonakis is like 40 years old.

  9. Wouldn’t be surprised. I read an article about how the record industry wants to make sure that artists have a built in fan base before signing them. So they basically look at how many hits a video of the artist has on you tube or, worse yet, manufacture you tube videos to cheaply promote/ create a following. The article is somewhere on the net. I think its near the back some where.

  10. “Eh, It doesn’t look like it was shot with a dirty cell phone from the deck of a clipper ship…therefore it’s fake”.

  11. That “social media expert” is talking out his ass like people who refer to themselves as “social media experts” commonly do. There aren’t any cuts or reaction shots in that video, and the sound seems about right for an on-camera mic in a junior high auditorium.

    I’m sticking with the “real” camp on this one, simply because the record labels aren’t smart enough to come up with something like this and execute it so well.

  12. YES!

    Bieber 2: Electric Biebaloo.

    I cannot get enough of the little singing boys with windy hair.

  13. The music industry manufactures these things? You mean to tell me Kids Bop weren’t a group of spunky street performers with a dream?

  14. “. . .quite high production value with some interesting video techniques where we’ve got things like cutaways and very good focus. And the sound is very balanced.”

    Um no. None of these things are present. Unless, of course, this ancient English ponce is confusing the “viral video sensation” with the boy’s follow-up performance in an actual television studio with multiple cameras and audio/video technicians on the Ellen show.

    This very old guy knows what I am talking about.

  15. yeah, this guy totally looks like a social media expert and not like your drunken british uncle who keeps saying “facespace” and “mybook” and asking you if you’re a “twatter”

  16. Gabe, you scooped Duh Aficionado Magazine with this one!

  17. Whatever the tech aspects of the video, the set-up was clearly orchestrated. The vid had very few for two weeks. Meanwhile, behind the scenes Ellen was setting up a booking, flying his Mom ans sister to California with him, and the record label was already in place. Then the so-called “viral sensation” was created. Rig job all the way. The kid is the kernel of truth.

    • The little girl who was on Ellen the day before (as part of an internet “stars” week or something) had under 5,000 views when she was on the show doing a cover of a song by The Script. It isn’t about having a ton of views, it’s about someone sending the video to the booker at Ellen and having them look at it and like it.

      The video broke when places like Videogum and The Daily What and Buzzfeed starting posting it, which lead to pick ups on Gawker, Idolator, etc., which then lead to the larger looks on AOL/Yahoo. I can assure you all the labels were trying to sign this kid on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it wasn’t until the Ellen taping that he was signed to a label. Hardly something orchestrated.

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