Supposedly, this video features Hollywood’s own Chris Klein auditioning for the 2008 movie adaptation of the popular musical Mamma Mia. Why this video is only surfacing now is a mystery. What is not a mystery is how disturbing this is: very disturbing!

Obviously, we are all citizens of the Internet, and as such it is impossible to watch something like this without harboring at least mild suspicions that it is fake and that we are being fucked with. But if it was fake, why would Chris Klein go along with it? It makes him look very bad! And it’s not like this video is selling anything, unless they make viral videos to sell cocaine now. And even if they did, it would be beside the point, since clearly there isn’t any cocaine left, because Chris Klein did it all. Which leaves us with the most terrifying possibility of all: that this is actually real. GOODNIGHT SWEET DREAMS. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Crazy eyes.

  2. Lay all your UGH on me.

  3. You can hire me and Mandy Moore…or just one.

  4. He’s always kinda creeped me out, and this just makes it worse. It can’t be real. Can it?

  5. I guess they are doing viral marketing for my nightmares now.

    • Why not? If you get enough traffic your investors won’t make you have a profit model for another 36 months.

    • I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. I order two orders of the one where you are falling, and I ended up with a whole box of you going to school in your underwear. And, well… I’m a little disapointed.

  6. I always wondered how Katie Holmes could go from someone I thought of as normal (Chris Klein) to someone completely crazy (Tom Cruise ). Now I completely understand.

  7. Did anyone see the actual film? Chris Klein got off light.

    • I saw this movie on a transatlantic flight during, which based on the “long flight/no sleep” paradox of course means it had to be like pouring cheap vodka into my eyes for two hours. And my ears, because ABBA sung by Meryl Streep and the math teacher from Good Will Hunting.

  8. “I’m nothing special, in fact I’m a bit of a bore
    If I tell a joke, you’ve probably heard it before
    But I have a talent, a wonderful thing
    ‘Cause everyone listens when I start to sing ”

    Thank YOU for the music Chris.

  9. You heard me saying that co-caine was my only vice!

  10. crazy Tom Cruise laugh + “hey by the way” + anything about how much you love Mandy Moore = best icebreaker ever

  11. You can actually see the cocaine giving him all the confidence he’ll ever need.

  12. Who the fuck is his vocal coach? Corky St. Clair?

  13. To be fair… he was told that the character for which he was auditioning’s name translated into English as “Crazy-Eyed Rapist”.

  14. To be fair, there’s not much he could have done with that song to not appear to be coked out of his mind.

  15. Maybe we should give Chris Klein the benefit of the doubt. Hypothetically, the casting directors could have been really into cocaine, and then they offered some to Chris Klein and he was all “Sure! That is a very nice gesture!” to them because he is polite and wanted to get the role. Thirty seconds later, this happened.

    I mean, how much do we REALLY know about the casting directors?

    • We know that the casting directors are completely insane because they keep asking Chris Klein to audition for parts which he is clearly not suited for.

      (Suitable roles for Chris Klein: cokehead, corpse on Law & Order, Guy in Bar #2)

    • To be fair, they offered him the cocaine in a bejeweled goblet. Who could turn that down?!?!

  16. Did anyone here see the Alexander Payne movie Election? It came out before the Gore / W election in 2000 but was oddly prescient of said election. Reese Witherspoon is the smarty pants ambitious do-gooder (Al Gore) and Chris Klein is the lazy dim wit son of privilege (guess who?), but through election fraud via Matthew Broderick (who is basically the supreme court and the governor of Florida combined), the election gets thrown in Klein’s favor (if only briefly), just like the 2000 election (except not briefly), of which the movie Election was prescient of. I thought of this at the time, back then. This is neither a “psyche!” nor am I “just kiddin’.”

  17. Look for him and all your favorites in American Pie 4: I Hope They Are Kidding.

    (yes, there has been, like, eight American Pie movies, but in Chris Klein’s Wikipage is says American Pie 4 (pre production). Someone has quite the sense of humor)

  18. Growing up, I always wanted to move to L.A. I’m glad I never got the chance, because if I were to run into celebrities on the street and they acted that creepy (you know they all act that creepy), I’d be turned off by seeing them on TV or in movies and I probably wouldn’t be able to watch them anymore. Then how would my cat and I spend our lonely Friday nights?

  19. He really peaked with Here on Earth, man.

  20. C’mon people! Make the GIF magic happen!

  21. Honestly, if this is real wouldn’t the casting company get blacklisted? Who’s going to audition for a company that’s going to leak your failure? Klein’s not a big star, but it sends a pretty chilling message to people who go into that room 100% vulnerable.

    • Yeah, I’m with you Jeb. I would guess so many audition videos are just beyond awkward, because you’re in street clothes trying to be a memorable acTOR in a random room looking into a single camera, singing songs from Mamma Mia (badly). I feel kinda bad for coked out/overcaffeinated Chris Klein.

      Also, pro tip: Do not brag about being in American Dreamz.

  22. MAKE IT HAPPEN, PLEASE: “Mamma Mia! Port of Call New Orleans”, starring Chris Klein, Amanda Plummer, Nicolas Cage, Robin Williams and introducing Ke$ha, with special appearance by at least one Lohan. Directed by Werner Herzog. In 2011, Mamma WILL Mia.

  23. “You’ve got a real Sinatra thing going on.”

  24. Was this the part played by Dominic whatever? Cause then wouldn’t Chris Klein be too old?

  25. I am thinking they are trying to sell Chris Klein in this viral video.

  26. Man Jason Lee is a mess!

  27. I like his jacket.

  28. woozefa  |   Posted on May 17th, 2010 +1

    this made my day.

  29. So this is definitely not fake, but if it is, Chris Klein is a much better actor than I gave him credit for. But it’s definitely not.

  30. We should introduce these two. Klein is giving me the major creeps.

  31. Andrew Lee and Chris Klein present: Rockin’ Duets / This is my f&*king single
    Available at Wal-Mart.

  32. I also just want to add one final comment: Mandy Moore is pretty.

  33. Next Chris Klein video is going to be addressed to all the haters (h8rs?) (us). Request for a shopped picture of that maybe?

  34. The whole time I was waiting for Stride Gum people to come crashing in while riding alpacas because Chris Klein figured out the secret flavor.

  35. You should see his performance in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Seriously. It’s amazing. It makes this sort of start to make sense.

  36. if it was real, wouldn’t he have asked the pianist to play in a lower key? i mean, i would. and my hypothetical actions pretty much determine reality. i think that’s how it works.

  37. hey guys, “don’t go wasting your emotions”

  38. this is either so real it’s not real,
    or so not real it’s real.

    …or it’s an echo from a long dead universe.

    …or all three.

  39. “lets go, shall we, before i embarrass myself further”


    “having fun?!”


    i also love how he hides his shame when he’s off key on the last chorus…

  40. Proof the D.A.R.E. program does NOT prevent drug use.

  41. i cant stop watching the last 10 seconds over and over again. can i make a request to the giflords to please get giffy with it and make either an “i have shame” gif when he turns away on the off note, or an “i’m back!” gif when he turns back around immediately after with his pointer finger extended triumphantly?

  42. So Dusty Dinkelman required no acting?

  43. its down!!! can anyone find it??

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