Our very own Becca has compiled an impressive and mildly NSFW supercut of vloggers addressing all the haters out there. While it is true that haters gonna hate, it is also true that vloggers gonna address them. Headphones UP!

Take that, haters. You better quit it… hating on them. And don’t!

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  1. To all my haters, at least I’m not Steve Winwood, right?

  2. I hate this

  3. In this internet age we live in, this is a bad time to start naming your kids Hater.


    Hater McHaterstein

  4. Now I can put this on my resume… not that it’ll help, with what’s got to be a 10:1 hater to hatee ratio out there.

  5. Who knew all these ugly people had haters?

  6. HEEEEY miss thing @ 2:04

  7. This short compilation video has made my hating immeasurably more efficient.

  8. Most of those people were too young to have haters. the others were too old!

    Also, those haters are just jealous.

    • Aw, I know, I had to stop watching about halfway through, because it hurt my heart to see all those kids addressing their haters. I just wanted to give them all a hug.

    • I thank the lord that YouTube didn’t exist when I was in high school. My awkwardness and alienation at the time cannot compare to 10 seconds of this video. When I have children and they reach middle school I am going to give them a safe sex talk and then bash their computer with a sledgehammer.

      • I know, and when I think of all of the video projects I was in for other people’s classes, I am doubly grateful.

  9. YouTube commenters: Equal Opportunity haters

  10. how did the ginger kid NOT make this video…hes gonna be maaaaad…

  11. Good going Youtube, just block ‘em and play golf!!

  12. youtube kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

  13. I tried to address my haters, but without Clippy’s help, I have no idea how to do it.

  14. Damn, lil J wasn’t included?

  15. I address my haters daily in my manifesto*. Look for it under my bed after what is sure to be an untimely passing from stroke or some other anger-related condition.

    *composition notebook filled with block writing ala John Doe in Se7en.

  16. Pretty sure I hated most of them as I watched this, so in a way I felt honored to have been addressed so many times on the Internet. Great work, Becca.

  17. It is so easy to imagine Gabe hating on every one of these people.

  18. I just find it mildly distasteful – am I legally covered by this video ?

  19. Bill Hader and his family are so confused as to what they did to make so many people angry.

  20. Look at these YouTube cats still sayin’ “haters” and shit when errbody knows it’s all about swagger-blockin’ now.

  21. Did I just watch the Lost finale?

  22. I was surprised by how every single person’s ego was obviously built up by their decision to DEIGN to address their ‘haters.” I’m not buying it guys. You love your haters. They are the people who pay attention to you.

  23. I have love for all of them. Except the girl that Vlogs while driving. I hate that.

  24. Team Hater!

  25. It took about forty seconds before “hater” did that thing where something stops being a word and just turns into a meaningless sound.

  26. Love the reference to Gabe’s own brilliant vlag. You tell those haters!

  27. This video teaches me that the world’s consumption of Haterade is rapidly rising!

  28. On behalf of all the haters out here, thanks for taking the time to communicate with us! Also, you suck!

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