The first set-image of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern has appeared on-line, and I’ve kept it open in a window all morning, going back to look at it every few minutes for a fresh round of laffs. Now you can keep it open in a window all afternoon and do the same.

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  1. You know Hollywood is getting lazy when they need CGI to create THE COLOR GREEN.

  2. In this incarnation the Green Lantern is a ska musician

  3. Ryan Reynolds does not know how to dip!

  4. that’s not Common

  5. HELLO TINY DOG! I LOVE YOU! Is the tiny dog the Green Lantern’s mascot? Is it the Birdie to the Green Lantern’s Videogum? Such a tiny, adorable dog!

  6. He gets to wear cool pants and put his face in Scarlett Johansson’s boobs at the end of the day. He must have been a saint in a previous life.

  7. Wow looks so cool! Can’t wait to see this movie!!!1!

  8. In brightest day, in blackest night,
    No evil shall escape my sight
    Let those who worship evil’s might,
    Beware my power, Green Lantern’s green CGI suit…light!

  9. Those shots are enough to make me nuke Coast City just to drive Hal Jordan crazy.

  10. Hahahahahaha.

    I’m not claiming this is valid or even true argument and I have no recollection of how it started but I once had a lengthy discussion with my girlfriend once about Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper. For some reason we were trying to explain why BC seems to be held in higher regard and is generally more successful than RR.

    They’re both roughly the same age, both have a kind of douchey guy’s guy outward appearance, and both have been in their fair share of terrible TV shows and movies. So what gives? I finally surmised (correctly, of course) that it is because RR just always seems to comes off as whiny and kinda gay while BC gives you what you expect, kind of self-centered asshole (despite the fact that BC was drilled from behind in Wet Hot American Summer and RR is married to Scarlett Johansson irl). I don’t know, maybe I’m biased b/c I hold a soft spot in my heart for Kitchen Confidential.

    Anyway, I think that photo proves my point.

    • (I actually laughed a few times at Van Wilder.)

    • I think your assessment is accurate – Ryan Reynolds’ voice probably doesn’t help him get good roles.

      Since I have done nothing but post comments this week that highlight my more pathetic points, I might as well go out with a bang and confess that Ryan Reynolds is one of my biggest celebrity crushes and I used to sit through that godawful Two Guys and a Girl etc. just to look at him.

  11. Wait wait wait – Isn’t he Deadpool (Wade Wilson) from the X:Men Origins Flick and now the newly announced Deadpool movie?

    And he’s the Green Lantern now too? How does any of this make any sense? DC and Marvels all around us. I mean Miracles.

  12. As an Angry Nerd I will only be pleased if this movie is super true to the comics by having Ryan Reynolds get hit in the head a lot. (Hal Jordan Head Injury Project:

    This will also please me as a person who thinks people getting hit in the head is hilarious. EVERYONE WINS.

  13. Things at the Justice League are pretty chill on Fridays.

  14. Oh, God, fine, if no one else is nerd enough to step up, then I’ll be That Nerd. Green Lanterns create their uniforms with their power rings (fueled by their willpower! Their will to be clothed?), so my guess is the CGI suit will be used to showcase that particular ability. There is in fact a reason for this.


    • YOU ARE SO STRONG. And I’m glad you said that so I don’t have to. I also hope the suit doesn’t look like crap.

      What I will admit is, over the last year of overexposure to Ryan Reynolds, I appear to now find him attractive. Him peeling off the motion capture suit has also sat on my desktop today. It’s coy. It’s strange. I feel kind of bamboozled by these feelings.

    • Gasp! Nerdfriends!

      Although I am confused by what appears to be a tail. I hope that is a dangling sleeve because he really should not need a tail. Yikes.

  15. I misread the link as a self-image of Ryan Reynolds. I was expecting a hand-drawn portrait of some kind by Mr. Van WIlder himself. :(

  16. i think that dog is playing kilowog. kilodog!

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