/Film points out that these months-old Toyota commercials were directed by Jody Hill (Foot Fist Way, Observe and Report, Eastbound and Down). Neat! Jody Hill is great at directing things! I’m definitely (DEFINITELY) going to buy a Toyota now. To go with my Land Rover.

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  1. This could just as easily have been a post about fake rap. Way to transcend and get past such abominations to appreciate the true comedic potential of some of these commercials. Let’s hear it for Gabe and Jody.

    • Wait a second! If Gabe is giving fake rap a pass, what’s next? Horrible movies are given a “Good Try” award? Gwennie is complimented for vajazzling herself with blood diamonds (In England, they call vajazzled stuff “lorries”).

      I demand Gabe’s commentary be scathing, and fake-rap purveyors be eviscerated, regardless of their pedigree.

      I can make demands on Gabe, right? He belongs to the monsters. This is clearly Birdie’s influence. Puppies make everything seem tolerable.

  2. Everyone on the corner has a Wagon like us.

  3. There’s way too much footage of this family for them not to drive their Toyota to Mexico to hang out with Kenny Powers in the new season.

  4. dudes I don’t get it.

    I know selling a giant ugly gas guzzling monstrosity is getting harder again now that gas prices are back up to ~3/gal and the entire gulf of mexico is ruined.

    and I know viral videos related to established funny people have sold some vodka and deodorant lately.

    and I know fake documentaries about oblivious narcissistic people have been incredibly good when made by Christopher Guest, Ricky Gervais, the arrested development people…

    but why did Toyota create a ten-part miniseries about an oblivious narcissistic couple who aren’t different enough from the american michael scott and the amy poehler character on her office show? and then let it just go under the radar for months instead of paying to put some of it on tv or between daily show segments on comedycentral.com?

    I’m not mad, or even unimpressed – some of the some of the videos I watched were funny. I’m just confused.

    • Probably b/c they have been too busy making silly commercial about how much they care about quality and safety after like 8 million of their cars could have went rouge and killed us all. Also, the new Lexus GX (which is almost the same exact vehicle as the very popular 4Runner) received a very rare Do Not Buy from Consumer Reports b/c it basically just flips over while in park.

  5. So when Weird Al does a music parody it’s dumb and passe, but when Jody Hill does a music parody (to sell cars) it’s genius?

  6. things like this make me appreciate The Lonely Island so much more. that’s not sarcastic.

    The people involved are in this endeavor specially talented, we know from their other work, but I don’t see any of that put to use. It was all so obvious and two-dimensional, Toyota really could have saved their money. Dad dude should just stay on ONN. for my enjoyment. not for like, his own financial stability.

    Though that wife is incrediblyyyy cute to me! So I guess that means something.

  7. those are good, but that first one is definitely fake rap

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