I don’t have any problems with this, because how could you? This is the best. But I do think that the hexapods should be forced to watch each other compete, and we should see reaction shots on the hexapods’ faces when they realize they are getting schooled. Although, it wouldn’t all be crushing disappointment (unless you are blue-legged hexapod with a palm tree on top. Dude, you just weren’t ready. Get back out on the streets and get hungry!) and bottled (CANNED) frustration. You know that when the Michael Jackson hexapod gets out there, even the other hexapods have to smile, because hexadude is just filled with the spirit and/or programming language of dance.

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  2. So THIS is what an “electric boogaloo” looks like!

  3. They don’t even do the robot. Lame.

  4. Step Up 2 The Streets 2: Wall-E.

  5. They need to Step It Up and get a Channing-bot.

  6. I think this might be one of the coolest videos I’ve seen here. I can’t wait to show my mother.

  7. Great. Now children AND robots can dance better than I can. UGGGGGGGH.

  8. They need to program that green, hairy one to clean up after itself.

    • He does, right after he finishes sweeping the floor with the other robots.

      • say what?

        the blue one with the orange top stomped all over turtlebot’s yard

        i actually really liked it when blueguy quivered its weird legs

        • I don’t really have an insult right now, but I just wanted to say that part of me wants to show up at events like this with a crowd of friends and spend the whole time shouting ridiculous taunts and maybe even get into a scuffle.

  9. So THIS is why Daniel Songer quit. He knew he was officially hexaserved.

  10. This is what Thoreau meant to “kill time without injuring eternity.”

  11. That green one and that orange one keep making eyes at me. How do I choose, monsters?!

  12. Now they are just one step closer to killing the members of KISS.

    • OH MAN
      Bullet with your name on it – that was this movie, too right?
      I was forced to watch a lot of Selleck as a child. Stepmothers, amirite?

  13. They woo you with their dance moves before they kill you with their lasers.

  14. You don’t get the world’s 12th largest GDP by NOT building awesome hexapods. -Austria

  15. SO Bad Ass!
    They was Droppin it* like it** was hot***!

    *Mother Boards
    ***Over-Clocked the Processors

  16. When will the internet give us what we want: A M&M v. Hexapod Dance Battle Royale?!

  17. This is exactly the kind of things that gives me nerd fantasies about traveling to Arthurian times and taking someone back to the future a la Bill and Ted, and being like look: we have robot brains that can dance and clap their robot hands. Anyone else fantasize about that? No? Just me? All right.

  18. These robots got soul!

  19. Let this be a lesson learned that I should always turn on my sound before preceding to watch robot dancing videos.

  20. Green Turtle Hexapod is clearly at a Slayer concert.

  21. The internet is largely populated by ennui, snark and trolls. But every once in a while, something comes along and validates its existence. This is one of those things. Big smiles over here.

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