Oh my, that man nearly died! But that is not the most surprising thing about this video. The most surprising thing about this video is that it captures so-called “steam enthusiasts” spending a weekend trying to catch a glimpse of British Railways No. 70013 ‘Oliver Cromwell.’ Uh, what? “Steam enthusiasts”? What are they all doing? Why are they all doing that? That’s for real a hobby? TALK ABOUT AN UNDERWORLD! Well, fair enough. We should all be so lucky as to find something in this world that makes us happy, et cetra, although we should do our best to use that thing once we find it to better enjoy life, not get all smooshed to bits. It’s a dangerous world out there, NERDS, please be more careful. (Via EpicPonyz.)

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  1. That guy must be so steamed.

  2. Coincidentally, I’m a Cleveland Steamer enthusiast.

  3. I will never make fun of whale watchers again, actually I probably still will

  4. In Britain, instead of saying “Look out there’s a train coming right at you” we don’t say “lorrie”, we just let out a girly whimper

  5. this would be better if peter dinklage was in it.

  6. You know what I can’t stand? The hard on for “steam punk” that those nerds at Boing Boing have. Nerds.

  7. I have always wanted to be known for my boating enthusiasm, and as the peg-legged gentleman with the parrot atop his shoulder.

  8. i had a boss who’s hobby was photographing trains. he would go on camping trips all over the country and sit by the tracks waiting for the trains to come by so he could take photos. its kind of like hunting, when you think about it. if nobody died and the animals were scheduled to come by once an hour. just drinking beer with your friends and waiting around.

    • I really wish I had some interest like this, something that has no clear socialized source, like prettty much everything I’ve ever loved.

  9. some of these guys are even sad enough for this –> http://www.lorryspotting.com/

  10. I had to Show My Boss this Video since I Half Yelped HOLY SHIT as the Train nearly clipped that nerd.

  11. Gabe really needs to visit the UK sometime.

  12. “I’ll just stay in my basement, where it’s safe, and play with my toy trains instead.”

    – Gabe

  13. In Brittain “yoohoo” is the Queen’s english for “watch the fuck out”.

  14. Too many digital cameras. Real steamnerds be using this:

  15. Riding the T to school one day in high school I was reading Trainspotting. This really kind old woman sitting next to me leaned over and politely got my attention, then asked if the book I was reading was about trains and different types of trains and people who follow them. I looked at her, looked at the book, and when I should have just lied, I told her no. She asked what it was about then. I told her, awkwardly, Some friends in Scotland. She seemed disappointed. I’ve since begun to wish that it had been about trains, and that in high school I was the type of nerd who quietly read extensively about things that no one else was interested in so that I had random, lovely conversations with elderly folk who were interested in that somehow painfully endearing subject, instead of being the type of nerd who thought he was cool for reading about drug addiction.

    • i think i should also share with you that my mother can identify any plane by looking at its underbelly. she sits on the porch with binoculars shouting out “757!”

      there is also drinking involved. its not to late to become a weirdo who sits around drinking and watching cars drive by or something. birds! you can be a bird watcher!

      • That’s awesome! The thing is, I don’t have the patience for any of it. And if I decided to do it at this point, it would totally be just doing it to have some thing to be a weirdo about. Weirdness like that should just happen. Maybe when I’m old.

  16. “Honey, if you’re going to run the shower as hot as it goes all day will you at least take a shower at some point!?”

    “NO, all I want is the STEAM!”

  17. James Franco was crouched next to the train-tracks, videocamera in hand, waiting to see that plume of steam appear over the distant trees. His heart beat in his chest so hard, it felt backwards.

    Up until this point, he’d been to busy to get here; to get to see the ‘Oliver Cromwell.’ Movies and class and editing the manuscript of his second novel–it was too much and it had kept him from that one ellusive love. At home his mother had cried, “Why James? Why can’t you just stay here and gear up for the City Council election like we planned. You can do that while editing your 10 hour documentary on the Chinese discovery of North America. Please, son?” She could not understand because she’d never loved like this.

    There it was, nearly to fain to see. He stood, adjusting his now half-erect member in the pleated slacks he’d been wearing for days. He raised the videocamera to his shoulder and hit the button. In the viewfinder, he could see the tracks, the steam and now the black shape approaching.

    Suddenly, he heard a woman say, “Yoohoo.” And that was the last thing he heard.

  18. People don’t realize just how dangerous the sport of Steam Watching can be. Hundreds of Steam Enthusiasts die each year getting hit by trains, whipping each other with bamboo shoots in Russian saunas, playing Halflife 2 online, and scalding themselves to death with TV dinners they neglect to poke holes in the top of or allowing to let stand for 2 minutes after heating per instructions.

  19. Looks like I have a new ringtone.

  20. A rare miss, Natural Selection.

    I’m always behind on these things :(
    Stupid school.

  22. I love so many things about this video. Namely though:
    That the one videotaping it couldn’t actually form words to warn his fellow trainlover AND that he looked away with the camera when he thought it was too late. He flinched through a camera, you guys.

  23. Its rare that an English love in occurs around the internet nowadays..

    As a little punk once said, God save the Queen (and give her a little loving while you’re at it, she deserves it…)

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