In this feature, we periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.

Jay Mohr is currently doing promotion for a book he wrote with his wife about parenting, because if there is one person that I would definitely look to for fun and useful advice about raising a human child, it is the perpetually dissatisfied and painfully unfunny former spokesman for TurboTax. On an episode of The View this week, he related a charming (UGH) anecdote about wearing adult diapers with his wife…because of something to do with potty training his child? Gross. In the clip, which you can watch at the link above, he is drenched in flopsweat and looks like he needs to make an emergency visit to the Cocaine Repair Shop. “My cocaine is broken! I can’t turn it off!” And he finishes the whole thing with a Brendan Fraser clap for himself. “Let’s give me an awkward round of applause for my nightmare diaper story.” Yikes. I avoided posting anything about this all day because it simply made me TOO SAD, but I do think that it is important in this life to confront the things that terrify you–becoming anything like and/or just plain seeing Jay Mohr–because that is how you deny them their power and regain control of your life.

But enough about the human desperation incarnate that is Jay Mohr. Unfortunately, we now know what is up with him. What is up with Topher Grace?

With only seven and a half weeks left until the release of Topher Grace’s Predators, we can expect there to be lots of publicity from Grace Camp (like base camp, but for Topher Grace). This week, we have a new audio interview with Topher about the movie from Collider. Listen here.

But it is not all work for Topher. It never is! He was seen out at Voyeur, whatever THAT is, along with many other Hollywood celebrities, including Paris Hilton and Dane Cook. Check out these cool photos from the event. Or just the evening? Sometimes with celebrities, not being one myself, it is hard for me to tell if it is a special occasion or just their regular life. Hahaha! Well, that’s just how it goes, I guess.

Neat! I wonder what he talked about while he was hanging out. I know, I know, NONE OF MY BUSINESS!

In addition to the cool paparazzi photos, check out this cool paparazzi video:

I feel like if you were videotaping someone who you planned to MURDER, it would not look that much different than this video. Sometimes you do have to wonder about the world we live in! I guess the paparazzi are just giving the people what they want, but why do the people want that? Sometimes this world we live in really makes you wonder.

Meanwhile, this is more speculation than HARD JOURNALISM (which is what this column thrives upon), but Entertainment Weekly suggests Topher Grace would be a great casting choice for a possible upcoming Beatles movie to be directed by Liam Gallagher.

I’m assuming that since DiLello’s memoir was based off the waning years of the Beatles — he worked there in the late ’60s — they’ll have to cast on the older side. For some reason, I’m seeing a couple faces: Topher Grace and Peter Sarsgaard.

I know this isn’t a serious job offer or anything. It’s just a writer on the Internet ruminating about who he would cast if he was in charge of casting this movie (which may or may not ever get made). But it is fun to think about these things! I wonder who would play John Lennon?! I think it should be Paul Rudd.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to See you next time!

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  1. Gabe, you didn’t mention Topher’s upcoming film Coxblocker, which as we movie buffs know is the much anticipated sequel to 1954′s ‘Rear Window’.

  2. I like Paul Giamatti as Ringo.

  3. WHY would Topher Grace hang out with Paris Hilton and Dane cook?

    That is like Superman hanging out with… Paris Hilton and Dane Cook. Because they are the worst and evil and stuff.

  4. “Topher, I thought you were Leonardo Dicaprio, man.” That paparazzi journalist needs to go back to paparazzi journalism school and re-take RESPECT 101.

  5. I find Jay Mohr’s refusal to cut his hair despite his obviously receding hairline to be the most upsetting part of this entire post.

  6. Jay Mohr’s head is upsettingly small for his body.

  7. so I was doing a google search, completely unrelated to Topher, and for some reason I came upon this old fansite which is both great and saddening
    choice quote
    i kinda missed him in mona lisa smile, i first properly noticed him in win a date with tad hamilton, i really liekd him in that , and so i realised after looking that he was in mona lisa smile and other things, and i recently got traffic, and have only started watching that 70′s show 2 months ago, so im way behind on the topherfest! lol

  8. Topher Grace should make a reality show called “Topher Grace’s Gopher Trace”, in which, effectively taking on Bill Murray’s role in Caddyshack, he tracks down the little varmints and eliminates them. I would watch that.

  9. Helen Mirren IS Paul McCartney

  10. Every time I see this feature, I ask myself aloud, “What IS up with Topher Grace?” Then I remember I live alone and I feel a little ashamed.

  11. The Adjustment Bureau‘s Terence Stamp IS George Harrison.

  12. Nikki Cox in an adult diaper IS Yoko Ono.

  13. Directed by Liam Gallagher? If you’re out there, don’t do it Topher! That 60′s Nightmare, will be more like it!

  14. Did I just hear that guy ask who TOPHER GRACE is? Twice?

  15. I did not feel better about myself after watching that video of The Toph crossing the street. I can handle my celebrity paparazzi videos at night outside clubs (I can totally quit anytime I want), but man, oh man, that daytime stalker cam just made me feel gross.

    • Pappo1: “Topher, Crossin the Traffic.

      P2: Who is that guy?
      P1:That’s Topher Grace
      P2: Who?
      P1: Topher Grace Man
      P2: Topher, I thought you were Leo DiCaprio Man

  16. The diapers video doesn’t work. It’s replaced however with just as great of a video of Sofia Vergara talking about how she likes to think of her son as her boyfriend and herself as Demi Moore, and how kids being crazy kids her son gets embarrassed and angry when she talks about it in public.

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