The Adjustment Bureau trailer, you guys:

OK, so this is basically The Forgotten meets The Inception trailer meets viral marketing during a basketball game for an episode of Fringe. Honestly, if a group of dudes in Mad Men costumes took me to an abandoned warehouse, showed me a crazy book with my “plan” in it, demonstrated their telekinesis, and then insisted that I stop trying to hang out with some girl I had just MET ON THE BUS that morning for the sake of both our lives, I would totally stop SEXTING her. I mean, seriously, I love free will as much as the next guy, but THERE ARE OTHER FISH IN THE BUS as they say. I’m certainly not going to disrupt an entire library over it. People might be studying for an exam!

But that’s just me. We can’t all be Mr. Cool Hat.

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  1. Well, that was the entire plot of the film.

    • Yeah, and I still don’t get what it’s about. The awesome music from the Sunshine soundtrack made it seem really dramatic/suspenseful/uplifting, though.

    • Yeah, and they totally gave away the ending that he’s going to give up on love and free will and accept that he can’t make his own choices. That’s totally what happens in the end.

  2. This movie looks so dramatic. John Oakley knows what I’m talking about.

  3. Do people still meet on the bus, do buses even exist? I’ve used them a handful of times and that was a handful too many

    • People “meet” on the bus, but usually it’s a crazy person talking to whomever accidentally makes eye contact with them.

    • Well, I meet people on the bus, but they are usually drunk and peeing on me. So giving up that prospective relationship isn’t the biggest sacrifice I will ever have to make…

    • My mother wants me to take the bus to summer school in June. I am kind of terrified of it! Fucking buses, how do they work?

      • I’d be much more concerned about summer school than buses. Buses are pretty great, really. Just keep those staring eyes to yourself.

    • Also, if he’s like a senator or some political figure, would he REALLY be taking the bus? Because I would definitely sacrifice my big political dreams for Emily Blunt if I couldn’t even afford a car!

    • People might not meet on busses ANYMORE, but my Grandma and Grandpa met on a bus: He gave her his seat and they exchanged pleasantries and then he got off at his stop and the bus pulled away and he’s like, ‘that girl was the bee’s knees! And I didn’t even get her name!’

      So he ran as fast as he could to catch the bus at the next stop and got back on the bus and she said he was flustered and cute and ‘So romantic!’ and that’s when all my hopes died as surely nothing in this day and age could ever be that sweet.

  4. John Slattery later regretted his decision to appear in this

  5. if only looking at legs was that easy.

  6. Gabe doesn’t like things.

  7. I hate video players that have commercials after the video has already played! Why do they do that? It’s like “Oh, okay, done with this video, let me scroll down,” and then you get ambushed by a terrible commercial for Tampax or something. The worst.

  8. Wouldn’t the Fate-Team know that Matt Damon and that lady were going to mess things up? Couldn’t they take precautionary action to make sure they didn’t mess things up? I guess they’re just bad at their job.

  9. lol, totally Gabe, I mean this looks-EMILY BLUNT, MUST SEE.

  10. Sorry guys (or maybe just Gabe? Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you monsters like something or not), but I think this movie actually looks pretty good. Consider me interested.

    • I don’t see anything wrong with it either! All of these actors are good actors and this plot, while certainly bizarre, is not particularly terrible. I am interested!

    • Yup. This gets my Moving-Picture-Featuring-John-Slattery Stamp of Approval. You know, because it’s a moving picture featuring John Slattery.

  11. The “Video No Longer Available” icon makes it look like it comes from Sad Robot–J.J. Abrams’s less talented brother’s production company. (M. Night Shaymalaynn’s production company).

  12. dudes, it’ll be like sliding doors for a post-LOST world, with a little taste of the man who knew too much.
    - quote from the brainstorming session, probably

    - me, definitely

  13. When I saw “The Forgotten” in Gabe’s blurb below the video, I was expecting more people to be jumpered into the sky in the trailer. Nobody was jumpered, needless to say.

  14. In Matt Damon’s defense, she’s very pretty.

    I rest my case.


  16. i was assuming this was the rumored matt daman project where he plays a guy who loses his luggage while on a flight to a secret vacation island. while there, he is supposed to assassinate a spy woman who wears low cut summer dresses when it’s clearly too cold and grey for low cut summer dresses (it’s her spy identity).

    the twist is that sun dress spy was supposed to assassinate daman’s character.
    at one point they profess their love while in a mexican standoff (the sex position).
    obviously they get his luggage back after a comedy of errors.

    i am sure this movie is just as awesome.

  17. So God is an offshoot of the Upright Citizens Brigade?

  18. “Are you a registered New York voter?” “Do I sound like I am?” (Did James Cameron write this thing?)

  19. i keep trying to watch this trailer, but every time i start to, my eyes catch the title of the film and i fall immediately asleep for a few hours

  20. It looks like the old (new) Twilight Zone episode “A Matter of Minutes”, except less blue stuff?


  21. So how many other people just spent the last ten minutes trying to say “boringeau” out loud in a way that resembles bureau?

  22. Blunt being a ballet dancer who seems to end up in a car accident – thus ending her career, is moving into Benjamin Button territory and we all knows where that ends… with a tiny baby man or WMOAT.

  23. I’d disrupt an entire library with Matt Damon, nahmeanladiez?

  24. Was it in John Slattery’s life plan for Matt Damon to wear that hat? If so, I think Damon is wise to try to forge his own path. Towards Emily Blunt, and away from that hat.

  25. mydaughter'sname69  |   Posted on May 12th, 2010 +15

    So, within the first few seconds of the trailer, we are expected to believe that Matt Damon is a viable candidate for New York senator, and after a few more seconds we are expected to believe that reality is entirely manipulated by a group of men with telekinesis, like an analog version of The Matrix, and when something doesn’t go according to plan, because apparently one of these men was slacking off or something, we are expected to believe that these incredibly powerful men, instead of fixing the mistake with their amazing telekinetic powers, make the conscious decision to reveal themselves and their whole system to this one guy who slipped through the cracks, which somehow jeapordizes their whole charade, because Matt Damon actually has a good chance of standing up to and defeating these almighty superhumans, who, as we have already established, are only in charge of essentially controlling the fate of the entire world by themselves? If anything, this movie makes TOO MUCH sense.

  26. Looks like they took an interesting premise and made it as dull and pedestrian as they possibly could.

    Same thing with Benjamin Button – so much opportunity for insight, so much squandering.

  27. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD(‘s hat)!!!

  28. Isn’t this basically the same plot as The Truman Show, only with more brown and grey?

  29. This looks like it’s a sequel or prequel or a movie done in another dimension but at the same time as “The Box” ….just saying

  30. I hope there’s a scene where one of the Adjustment Friends makes Matt Damon’s fedora blow off using only his mind.

  31. Thank you for the consideration, Gabe! Some of us are studying for exams, like me, for the exam I have in 15 minutes! #DoNotDisturb

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