As anticipated (by people who anticipate these kinds of things), The Sarah Silverman Program has been canceled. From DeadlineHollywood:

It’s the end of the road for Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program, which has been canceled after 3 seasons despite a Twitter campaign to save it. The show earned Silverman a lead actress Emmy nomination last year. But it also was on the brink of cancellation in 2009 when she and fellow executive producers Dan Sterling and Rob Schrab threatened to quit after the cable network asked them to slash the series’ budget by more than 20%. A last-minute deal with sister network Logo was reached to co-finance the series, so a 10-episode third season was ordered. But midway through Season 3, which wrapped last month, the network bumped the series from 10:30 PM to midnight, hinting at its intention not to continue with Sarah.

Oh well. It is weird how a Twitter campaign didn’t work to save the show. It is almost as if the Internet is not actually as powerful as we sometimes believe it to be, and in the world of traditional media, the standard brokers and dealmakers are still required in order to get things done. Also, I find it hard to believe that Comedy Central played such hardball with a well-loved, Emmy-nominated, profile-raising show, when they put shit like this on the air, no questions asked.

But, as usual, what do I know? I am not the President of Entertainment (yet). Goodbye, The Sarah Silverman Program. You will be missed. You are in heaven now, reminding the angels how good Mr. Show‘s Jay Johnson is.

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  1. We’ll always have Wowschwitz.

  2. It just needed more puppets.

  3. This picture is funnier than pretty much everything on the show.

  4. Betty White will fix this.

  5. Maybe she can cancel the pigtails and little boy tshirts now that she’s rounding 40.

    Oooo someone is a little salty this morning!

  6. Sorry to be all earnest’n'obtuse, but a 20% reduction in budget does not seem out of line.

    • We’re talking Sarah Silverman. She’s all kinds of out of line.
      And of late, her behavior has been super-diva status and not particularly funny nor interesting.

      • I agree with the DS3M character. You can apply my favorite Al Swearengen quote to the decline in the quality of the Sarah Silverman schtick: “Advancing years spare us no fucking indignities.”

  7. Can we start a ‘Get Betty White on the Sarah Silverman Program’ Facebook page? That’s gotta work, right?

  8. On the bright side, now there’s room in the schedule for the much-anticipated return of Chocolate News.

  9. So sad! Offensive humor at it’s finest. It’s like the Family Guy…but funny.

  10. “Have you ever taken a train and eaten it piece by piece after you just derailed it with your penis?”

  11. The replacement show will be Nick Madson telling jokes about his Jewgina.

  12. I was never a fan of the Sarah Silverman Program, but I’m always sad when shows get canceled. I don’t like it when people lose their jobs.

  13. Nooooooooooooooooo.

    I mean, to be fair, this season was a little weaker than the second, which was a little weaker than the first. Perhaps it’s just me, but I am often bored to tears during the Brian/Steve segments, which rely heavily on farts and heavy metal. Sarah’s bits still make me giggle (TWHS), but I feel there’s a ton of dead weight on the show. Probably best that it ends now.

    Perhaps Sarah can focus on some new stand-up? I would love to see a new special.

  14. I gotta say I feel a little guilty. I never watched this show. Not once. It wasn’t even on purpose! That’s just the way things go sometimes.

  15. Just because a show gets cancelled doesn’t mean you have to kill them all, Gabe!

  16. I say Good Riddance to a bad show. I’ve never enjoyed Sarah Silverman’s infantile schtick and the writing on this show was about on par with the family guy program. Thanks, comedy central executives with taste and intelligence. TV just got a little less crappy.

  17. I actually thought this last season was particularly great. Sarah’s “good van” montage set to the Full House theme song was perfect.

    “Good van lady, I have to pee”

    “Oh, just go in my mouth”

    • Agreed. And I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I really think that if you could get over some of the cheaper grabs, this show had the most brilliant plot devices and structure and the most savage social commentary I’ve seen in a while.

  18. Brian is listening to Two Princes up in the sky now.

  19. Sarah Silverman can be funny and great but that show was not so funny and great really. I remember watching the first episode and changing my pants at least 4 times from pee. However, in subsequent episodes I was changing my pants less and less until eventually I wasn’t changing them at all. Also, the show got less funny.

    At least she’ll hold a place in my heart for her bit in The Aristocrats (Is it “cool” to reference this movie? Sorry): “Joe Franklin raped me.”

  20. the prettiest-vulgar-lady comic with an underwhelming comedy show is now back to being the prettiest-vulgar-lady comic.

  21. This show made me crap a book on how to puke. I’m going to miss it (even if sometimes it was kind of lame).

  22. Every couple of weeks, my friends and I fight over who’s better, Silverman or Tina Fey. It begins with me saying Fey is a genius and Silverman mainly relies on “hey I’m Jewish” and “hey I’m female”, and inevitably ends with us contemplating which one we’d prefer to do sex on.

  23. I loved the penis episode this season. Especially the baby penis on a chain.

  24. You’re tears smell like eggs!

  25. Today I wrote about my hatred of Sarah Silverman and Jeff Dunham on my AP English exam. I didn’t even know who Jeff Dunham was before I learned that he is the worst, from this lovely site of course.

    “Videogum: it helps me ace my tests!”


  26. Sarah Silverman makes me feel like such a grandma. Every time I see a picture of her, I want to tell her to stand up straight.

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